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DevOps CI-CD Jumpstart

jumpstart devops

The new methods of continuous integration, continuous delivery, (CI/CD), and continuous deployment that are part of DevOps have the power to transform engineering. Yet it’s hard to shift to DevOps when you’re still entrenched in traditional processes. When is the right time to introduce DevOps into your organization? Who can guide you through the process?

The Attunix team offers a DevOps jumpstart to businesses that are looking to make the move, and want coaching and advice along the way. Our team offers a rare breadth of experience across multiple tool sets—Microsoft Azure DevOps, Docker, Jenkins, GoCD, among many others.

With Attunix, you can get a quick education and proof-of concept (POC) of a workload or app, so you’re empowered to apply these powerful processes throughout your organization.

Key Benefits of Working with Attunix

cloud expertise

Gain advice on tools

Across the many, many DevOps toolsets, the Attunix team has extensive experience and can advise on getting the most value from the toolset that’s right for your apps.

enhance your business

Accelerate velocity

Innovate faster with Attunix expertise to quickly establish processes and tools for automated provisioning, automated testing, and automated build and deployment, and continuous feedback.

reduce errors

Reduce errors

Sharing best practices and methods of building a DevOps culture, the Attunix team will guide you in ways to reduce human error and increase success.

get an innovative edge

Enhance team efficiency

Attnuix will help you identify areas for automation, so you can remove the need for your highly skilled workers to handle mundane and repetitive tasks.

Increase your development velocity to innovate faster than ever before.

Engagements are typically one to two weeks in duration, depending on scope, and may be remote or on-site. In advance of the engagement, you may be asked to provision the environment, etc.

Gain a holistic view

We’ll look across all apps, to get a full sense of your long-term DevOps needs, then discuss appropriate toolsets for what you want to accomplish. Discover the opportunities where faster deployment can make a valuable impact on your company.

Target an app or workload

Together we’ll select an application or workload that’s ripe for a POC. With a designated toolset, we’ll leverage the framework that keeps our development in harmony. Despite the condensed timeline of a jumpstart, you’ll receive robust POC for the given workload or app.

Learn hands-on

The process is a full DevOps implementation, conducted with full transparency so you can learn as you go. The Attunix team will demonstrate to your team a full DevOps process, explaining best practices and opportunities to optimize.

Take and go

Through this intensive DevOps experience with the Attunix team, you’ll walk away with a deep understanding of the processes, models, and tools you need to successfully jumpstart DevOps across all your company’s workloads and applications.

Contact us to jumpstart your CI/CD process.