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App Modernization

App Modernization involves more than simply moving your applications to the Cloud. Attunix helps you increase productivity by providing your internal teams with easily digestible and up-to-date information at their fingertips, and by creating fresh experiences for your customers that lead to new revenue channels—expanding your markets and advancing your business.


Internet of Things

Attunix helps you strengthen your business connections and create new ones through the delivery of smarter products and services—from monitoring remote manufacturing facilities to capturing fertilizer placement data for farmers. Our mobile, web, and rich-client apps bridge physical and digital computing while delighting and informing your customers and your enterprise.


Advanced Analytics

Attunix business intelligence solutions enable your company to easily collect, analyze, and learn from data to make the smartest possible decisions. We generate descriptive, diagnostic, and predictive data and turn it into actionable insights that become the baseline of your success and provide a significant leap over your competition.


Modern Data Center

Attunix focuses on the greatest opportunities to advance your computing capabilities while ensuring the business is built on a solid foundation for continued innovation and growth. We do this through four core modern datacenter solutions: datacenter migration, hybrid cloud design and implementation, site recovery, and data storage & protection.

Thinking about migrating your data to the cloud?

It’s hard to know where to start, but Attunix can help. Our team of experts will conduct a cloud foundations assessment to determine your company’s needs and capabilities.

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“We’ve been incredibly pleased working with Attunix. Their response time, professionalism, and technical expertise made the relationship very easy for us. We see the potential for a lot of opportunity ahead.”

David McGee, VP of Operations, Prostar Geocorp

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