Advanced Analytics

Intelligent data is today’s greatest competitive advantage. Your company may already collect endless data, from customer information and buying habits to supply chain timing and operational costs. Harnessing this data is critical.

Attunix business intelligence solutions enable your company to easily to collect, analyze, and learn from data to make the smartest possible decisions. We generate descriptive, diagnostic, and predictive data and turn it into actionable insights that become the baseline of your success. It’s a distinct advantage in your planning and day-to-day work, and significant leap over your competition.


Key Benefits

An analytics strategy can tackle many tangible business goals, even ones you may not realize are related to data:


Retain Customers

Retain current customers by uncovering personality trends. Acquire new customers by identifying a new target or market.


Maximize Profit

Maximize profit by better estimating values through the entire supply chain. Improve efficiency of machines by reducing defects.


Increase Value

Increase value of a project for shareholders and your company by decreasing project close time and maximizing utilization.


Establish Strategy

Set overall marketing strategy based on data-driven decisions around target marketing, pricing, location, etc.


Empower Your Data Warehouse

Employing a traditional SQL-based data warehouse is a foundation to a strong BI solution. But that’s just the beginning. Attunix can engage with your company on any level: from getting the most value out of your existing data warehouse to designing and implementing a full new solution. Attunix can architect, design, develop, and implement the right data warehouse for your needs.

End-to-End Analytics Planning

Up-front strategic planning is essential to building a successful analytics solution. Attunix focuses on developing strategies that extract value and insights from your data—keeping the business goal at the forefront. Attunix works closely with your teams to formalize a strategy that works across the business, giving you a strategic roadmap and the right KPIs to align your business goals to technology.


Accelerate Cloud-Based Business Intelligence

To have a successful BI solution, you must trust that the data coming through is accurate. Attunix will implement cutting-edge services and tools—including Power BI and Azure SQL Database—to enable your company to properly use your solution with confidence. Making successful data-based decisions requires up-to-date, accurate, and complete data. We’ll help you get there.

Big Data Platforms

Data comes in all shapes and sizes. Structured data, like pricing or sales, can fit into a traditional data warehouse. But, what do you do when your data is too big, unstructured, or non-relational? It’s time to think about a Big Data platform. Attunix utilizes Big Data tools to look at three things: variety, velocity, and volume. We’ll design a Big Data platform to handle any type of data, at any speed or volume.


Machine Learning & Data Science

Successful companies are looking to the future. Attunix gives you a competitive advantage by looking at predictive and prescriptive analytics. The goal is to understand what will happen and how you can make it happen. Imagine if you could use data to not only predict outcomes, but to affect them. It is more of a science than engineering. Attunix has this unique expertise, and can use it to unlock the value of your data.

Are you making the most of your data?

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