The Energy Authority (TEA)

  • August 3, 2018

    The Energy Authority (TEA)

    Project Overview

    Optimizing resource for Northwest power

    Buying, trading, selling and delivering electricity in the US is big business.  US electricity consumers paid nearly $388B in 2015 to light their homes, run their equipment, and power industries.  For The Energy Authority (TEA), maximizing value for their clients and efficient use of resources in the wholesale energy market means good business – and good for the environment.  In the Northwest part of the US, maximizing value become increasingly important given the wide array of power resource options available.  Between Wind, Hydro, Coal, Nuclear, and Gas, TEA has hundreds of diverse generation resources under their management.  Access to real-time data, advanced systems for analysis and decision support, and solutions to operationalize and transact are critically important to TEA to achieve its mission.

    Regional impacts possible through great systems design & delivery

    One thing is certain, the power industry is rich with data.  For as much power is generated, there is data about that generation and its use. Accounting for it becomes an enormous endeavor.  Advanced systems are required to process and deliver for real-time decision making – the impact of which can mean millions of dollars in planning and resource cost avoidance.  TEA partnered with Attunix to assist in modernizing and advancing a portfolio management solution that spanned its client’s resources under a single management and control platform.

    The solutions provided the following business benefits:

    • Resource optimization for short-term load aligned with long-term planning
    • Responsible use of environmental resources to service client utilities
    • Maximizing energy value for clients on open market
    • Navigating portfolio into safe positions and risk avoidance for clients

    Key Solution Features

    • Single view of resource position at any point in time
    • Complete portfolio view for each Client
    • Advanced resource optimization and automated recommended schedules
    • Historical and forward looking position forecasting
    • Visual optimization of safe zone to drive position
    • Power trader and power scheduler data-driven controls


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