How the Size of your Company Can Affect DevOps

  • June 18, 2018

    How the Size of your Company Can Affect DevOps

    If you’ve ever changed companies you understand the pros and cons that come with company size. At a smaller company, you may wear a lot of hats and can make more of an impact but face roadblocks due to constrained resources. At a large company, you may enjoy better job security, work with big-time clients but get stymied by bureaucracy. Mid-sized companies fall, well, somewhere in the middle.

    A recent article published on highlights how company size can affect a DevOps program and overall IT strategy.

    Small Companies

    Small companies face two major resource constraints, money, and people. These constraints can greatly affect the scope of DevOps initiatives.

    Despite lacking the resources of a large company, the article emphasizes that DevOps is actually easiest to achieve in a small organization. This is because with a small IT staff, engineers will inherently assume multiple roles and incorporate development into everyday operations. Hybrid responsibilities are a given. Hence DevOps comes naturally.

    Large Companies

    Large companies are inherently polarizing. Some people look to them with utmost respect as captains of industry while others see them as greedy corporate machines out to squash or acquire small businesses. Either way, large companies inherently have more resources at their disposal to support DevOps initiatives.

    DevOps also occurs organically within big organizations too. Internally, large companies tend to divide and concur when it comes to IT. These smaller, micro-organizations also incorporate development and IT operations as they work on projects and proprietary initiatives.

    Implementing consistent DevOps across teams internally can get tricky. Especially if the company maintains a large global footprint. However, big organizations often develop strategies at the top and drive consistency across the company.

    Medium Companies

    The article concludes that creating a DevOps culture is most difficult in medium-sized organizations. That’s because these companies often employ a sizable IT department, but not enough people to break down into focused teams. Developers and IT Operations work in silos preventing cohesive collaboration.

    When developing your DevOps strategy, ask how your organization’s size might impact these efforts. Becoming aware of these shortcomings can help prevent any roadblocks in making DevOps a reality!