The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Job Hunting

  • February 13, 2018

    The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Job Hunting

    Job hunting can be an arduous process. While some of the best jobs are never posted on the internet, the ones that are can be scattered between company websites, job boards and social media sites. Sifting through job postings can feel dizzying and finding the right position that fits your experience, goals and passions can sometimes feel downright impossible on the internet. A recent Forbes article highlights how the future of job hunting will rely heavily on AI to do the heavy lifting. Just think, in the span of less than 20 years, job hunting will have evolved from newspaper want ads to online job boards to social sites like LinkedIn to AI powered headhunting.

    While industry strategies may differ, experts in the recruiting field agree that AI can help streamline the connection between employer and candidate. With the vast amounts of data collected on skillsets, job titles and salaries, AI can help job boards like Indeed make accurate predictions on hiring competition and compensation. It helps cut down on the research time for job seekers and helps employers find qualified candidates faster.

    Indeed’s AI Advantages

    The Forbes article highlights the AI technology leveraged by Indeed. Indeed’s AI uses natural language processing to pull words and phrases that relate to job information from resumes such as years of experience or industry certification. As resumes come in, the information is compiled and set aside in a way that’s easier for recruiters to navigate. The AI compilation helps weed out incompatible candidates and narrow down the pool of top candidates.

    AI doesn’t just benefit the employer, it also can help job seekers cut down on search time and find the right fit by suggesting jobs that may suit them.

    CodeFights for Skills Testing

    Forbes also discusses the concept of skills testing. This is especially crucial for coding jobs. CodeFights, a San Francisco company, offers practice coding tests for professionals in the space. Their test scores are recorded on the CodeFights platform. CodeFight’s AI can then match coders with potential employers based on their profile and scores.

    Tigran Sloyan, CEO of CodeFights, predicts that job boards will evolve into education centers where job seekers can further develop skillsets. With the power of AI, recruiting sites have the potential to create opportunity like never before.