Prioritizing Cloud and Development Operations

  • September 30, 2017

    Prioritizing Cloud and Development Operations

    Development Operations or DevOps is key when it comes to digital transformations. DevOps contain some similarities to IT but the two are not interchangeable. DevOps paves the way for technological implementation while IT navigates the existing roads or land mines of a company’s digital infrastructure.

    A recent Forbes article by Aater Suleman delineates the importance of prioritizing cloud computing to catalyze DevOps projects and objectives. Deciding whether to implement DevOps or cloud computing first needs to be part of a company’s digital strategy. Onsite hardware infrastructure can support DevOps without cloud automation. However, this takes immense collaboration with IT and hardware elements are more difficult to automate.

    Cloud computing offers advantages when it comes to automation and scalability. Many companies move their data to the cloud without implementing any changes or advancements to automation. When cloud computing and DevOps come together, companies can fully leverage the benefits of a DevOps program. Suleman outlines the costs and benefits to various cloud and DevOps deployment strategies.

    Cloud Followed by DevOps

    First, an organization can move their data to the cloud and subsequently begin working on DevOps projects. While DevOps tend to be better supported by cloud computing, delaying DevOps can inhibit project objectives and digital transformation initiatives.

    DevOps Followed by Cloud

    If an organization prioritizes Development Operations, they may choose to leverage existing hardware to support their projects. Once they reach a certain level of efficiency and maturity, then they may choose to move to the cloud. However, projects and processes may require slight augmentation to function in the cloud computing environment.

    Simultaneous Deployment

    If a company’s current infrastructure and capacity allow it, deploying cloud computing and DevOps processes simultaneously will allow for maximum ROI. Cloud services enhance productivity and increase cybersecurity. DevOps can deliver code faster with the help of automation in the cloud. Suleman states some of the greatest benefits of cloud computing coupled with DevOps include greater productivity, faster time to market and increased global reach.