Korn Ferry

  • August 3, 2018

    Korn Ferry applies text and sentiment solution to an E&C application, yielding new insights into seemingly hidden data

    Project Overview

    • Client: Korn Ferry

    • Products and Services: Modern Datacenter

    • Technologies: Microsoft Azure | Azure Site Recovery | Azure Backup | SQL | Azure Remote App | Azure Network Architecture

    • Industry: Professional Services

    • Organization Size: 7,000+

    • Headquarters: United Sates, California

    Korn Ferry—a Los Angeles-based global executive search and recruiting firm—collaborated with Attunix’s modern datacenter experts and Microsoft to complete a proof of concept (POC) for a text and sentiment analysis of Korn Ferry’s E&C application—an application that allows Korn Ferry to create and deploy employee surveys.

    The implementation of text and sentiment analysis allows Korn Ferry to automate data collection of surveys, extracting and classifying data from employee responses more quickly and accurately. Deploying text analysis alongside sentiment analysis provides a robust and comprehensive evaluation of a dataset, which yields greater insights—and reveals relationships that might have otherwise been missed by seemingly hidden data.

    “This analysis provides demographic data on their respondents—age, geographic location, job title, number of years of service—but it also detects employee sentiments, whether positive or negative, regarding job satisfaction, opportunities for advancement, and so on,” said Justin Billig, application modernization lead at Attunix.

    Additionally, the text and sentiment solution built for Korn Ferry interprets and translates numerous languages at once—an efficient and cost-effective process for a company with offices all over the world.

    Acquisition Leads to Datacenter Consolidation

    On September 24th 2015, Korn Ferry announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Hay Group, a global management consulting firm based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with 86 offices in 49 countries. On December 1st 2015, Korn Ferry completed its acquisition of Hay Group. Korn Ferry wanted to migrate Hay Group servers at the Wilmington datacenter by May of the next year.

    After the acquisition of the Hay Group, Korn Ferry did not want to manage an additional datacenter as part of their IT Operations effort. They decided to go with a Hybrid Cloud approach with the Hay Group servers in a Public Cloud Environment. They evaluated Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure, and selected Azure as their cloud platform. Working closely with Microsoft, Attunix provided Korn Ferry a clear roadmap to Hybrid Cloud adoption.

    Text and Sentiment Analysis Built on Microsoft Technologies

    Integration of the text and sentiment analysis for Korn Ferry’s E&C application was relatively simple and straightforward for the Attunix team. “Implementation is easy for us,” said Billig. “Our team has a deep knowledge of the Microsoft technology stack. We’re able to deploy quickly and efficiently.”

    For Korn Ferry’s POC, Attunix utilized Microsoft’s Azure Functions, Azure Text Analytics, and Text Translation.

    Automation of Data Collection Yields Actionable Information

    In addition to reducing the amount of time Korn Ferry staff used to spend manually weeding through individual surveys, this automated text and sentiment solution will allow the management at Korn Ferry to more accurately measure the true ROI of employee programs and initiatives.

    If a negative sentiment surfaces within the organization, the automated analysis would quickly identify it. Based on that knowledge, the leadership at Korn Ferry could take action to resolve the issue—and even prevent dissatisfaction from spreading, thanks to early insights.

    Extending this solution to include customer research surveys will greatly streamline Korn Ferry’s recruiting and placement processes—increasing the speed at which individuals are placed in positions fit for both individual and company. The solution Attunix ideated is designed to ultimately provide Korn Ferry with prescriptive intelligence and insights for improving brand image and customer relations.

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