IoT Strategy: When Companies Get it Right

  • February 2, 2018

    IoT Strategy: When Companies Get it Right

    IoT will transform global companies and industries as we know them. While many organizations are eager to incorporate IoT devices into their operations, they may not truly understand the value these devices can create. Without a proper strategy, IoT deployments may serve nothing more than mere curiosity.

    At Attunix, we’re passionate about building solutions from sensors to insights that create value for your customers and employees. What makes IoT so interesting is connections. With the decreasing prices of sensors, physical devices can provide data and insights on everything from soil moisture to tracking a patient’s vital signs. What we ultimately do with IoT insights will determine its overall effectiveness and the gains from cost savings and productivity boosts.

    When crafting your IoT strategy, first think of it from the customer’s perspective. Everyone involved must do this from C-level executives to engineers. The first step in creating a stellar IoT strategy is to obsess over customer experiences. Before calling in the experts for implementation, determine the kind of data that would make your organization better. Ask what your organization would do with such data? What mathematical and statistical models are required to generate insight from that data?

    CIO interviewed John Rossman who developed Amazon’s marketplace for four years. Rossman says to think about IoT strategy in layers. There’s the physical technology, then the use case and finally the malleable business models that can change as a result of IoT insights.

    The Attunix Approach

    At a high level, the Attunix Approach follows four major steps: sense and capture, monitor and control, integrate and scale and finally, insights and action. Our goal is for your organization to turn the power of IoT into action that will benefit both your customers and your employees.

    At Attunix, we work with a wide scope of industries to create IoT strategies and implement solutions to make IoT integration a reality. We worked with Avanti markets to overcome several business challenges by re-engineering their PoS system that enables their self-serve food markets. IoT implementation played a major role in improving their inventory management, loyalty program and transaction processing capabilities. Not only did this particular project boost the efficiency and functionality of Avanti’s food markets, it also created incredible growth opportunities for the company. After PoS re-engineering, Avanti’s PoS locations grew by over 70%!