How to Improve Customer Experience with Chatbots

  • January 4, 2018

    How to Improve Customer Experience with Chatbots

    “Hi there, I’d like to personally invite you to subscribe to our early launch”, a chatbot asked me upon entering my friend’s startup website. Unsolicited? Yes. Helpful? Also yes. Most of the time when browsing websites, customers minimize chatbot popups. It’s the same thing as telling a human salesperson, “no thank you, I’m just looking” when they ask if they can help you find something. However, when you do need assistance, good customer service saves you time and often converts you from a shopper to a buyer.

    Brick and mortar shopping isn’t dead yet. It still beats ecommerce by about $38 billion per month in US consumer spending. With all the conveniences ecommerce offers, buyers still shop in stores for a plethora of reasons including customer service and the shopping experience.

    When shopping online, a buyer typically knows what they want. When navigating an ecommerce site with a massive amount of inventory and selection, finding what you need is easier said than done. In a brick and mortar environment, a consumer can describe generally what they’re looking for and a salesperson, who is also an expert in their inventory and product offering, can guide the shopper to a potential match. This is where chatbots can ameliorate this lack of service in an online environment. Chatbots can help answer questions in a conversational manner and guide buyers to the right product.

    Current Examples

    Chatbots Journal created an infographic outlining the various industries where chatbots can vastly improve customer service. Chatbots enhance customer experiences in not just B2C environments but also in B2B environments. These industries range from education to banking to insurance.

    Wells Fargo is testing a virtual assistant chatbot built into Facebook Messenger for customers to find answers to basic questions such as finding a nearby ATM or the current balance on their checking account. It is currently being tested by Wells Fargo employees and the company plans to deploy this feature for customers in 2018.   

    Property and casualty insurance company, Lemonade, uses a chatbot to sign up new customers. The company estimates nearly 70% of customers buy insurance on their smartphones. Chatbots can help speed up the on-boarding process by asking the necessary questions to activate a new account. Lemonade’s mobile chatbot is a reflection of how this technology can be game changing for increased accessibility for smartphone users.

    Chatbots Will Save Businesses Billions

    Your customers and employees want answers quickly. However, answers to many questions can be difficult to find and spread out amongst disconnected sources of information. Finding answers takes time and resources. Chatbots can contribute to your company’s bottom line by helping your employees save time and by converting prospects into sales.  

    Chatbots aren’t just about saving time and money – they’re a great way to provide the optimal customer experience. In many cases, chatbots provide a more suitable alternative to live chatting with a person. They can also directly aid customer service representatives when working with clients.

    Saving through Automating

    Juniper Research predicts that chatbots will help businesses worldwide save $8 billion annually by 2022. Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, chatbots save through automating. This isn’t just about cutting down on overhead in customer service departments, it’s also about saving everyone time.  

    In their current state, chatbots can help cut time when answering basic questions and navigating through product catalogues. However, as they get more sophisticated with improvements in AI, chatbots will be able to do much more than simply check your bank account balance and tell you the weather. Chatbots will be able to diagnose technical issues and answer more high level and novel questions that extend beyond basic customer service inquiries.

    Attunix SmartBot

    The Attunix SmartBot can help your organization quickly reap the benefits of this technology. It’s a chatbot in a box that can be easily deployed across web and mobile platforms. It seamlessly works with artificial intelligence to handle frontline communications with your customers.

    The Attunix SmartBot eliminates the need to add overhead to your customer service department and can save your employees time to focus on more productive work. You can reduce the amount of endless email chains that can get buried or take hours to address simple problems. Chatbots can also address initial customer questioning that can lead them to exactly the right person to help. Competitive businesses are already automating their way to massive savings and providing overall better customer experiences.