How to Leverage Hybrid Cloud for Deeper Insights

  • Korn Ferry sentiment and hybrid cloud
    March 21, 2019

    How to Leverage Hybrid Cloud for Deeper Insights

    Korn Ferry sentiment and hybrid cloud

    Moving today’s datacenter to the cloud

    Staffing firms today are looking to optimize their data operations in the cloud because of the efficiencies it provides. For these firms, building out a solution that leverages cloud technologies creates a secure, efficient, flexible and scalable way to store, access and analyze their data, and to scale securely as their organizations grow.  

    There are several reasons why the modern datacenter housed in the cloud is an ideal solution: 

    • No more hardware. Moving to the cloud means you can ditch your servers. It is a cost-effective way to manage and secure data, reducing the high-dollar expenditures that come with updating, maintaining, replacing and physically protecting servers.  
    • Disaster recovery. As your company grows, the likelihood that disaster will affect operations at some point also grows. A modern cloud datacenter ensures business will continue through automatic disaster recovery and spares you the cost of purchasing compute power as insurance that you may not need.   
    • Scalability is key. You can scale up or down as needed, and only pay for the cloud space you need at the moment. 
    • Easy to go global. Enterprises need the option of global presence. A datacenter in the cloud makes this possible, and guarantees the storage and redundancy required to do it correctly. 

    Building a hybrid cloud datacenter for Korn Ferry

    At Attunix, we understand how to create innovative datacenter solutions tailored to the needs of our customers. Take the case of Korn Ferry, a global executive search and recruiting firm based in Los Angeles.

    When Korn Ferry moved to acquire Hay Group, a large global management consulting firm, the company didn’t want to add Hay Group’s datacenter to their IT operations. Leveraging the extensive experience that Attunix brought to the table, Korn Ferry decided to take a hybrid cloud approach to housing their datacenter. Attunix worked closely with Microsoft to provide Korn Ferry with a blueprint to hybrid cloud adoption. 

    Leveraging Korn Ferry’s data for text and sentiment analysis

    The new data solution allowed Attunix’s datacenter experts to work closely with Microsoft to implement text and sentiment analysis for Korn Ferry’s E&C application, which the company uses to create and deploy employee surveys. By implementing text and sentiment analysis, Korn Ferry has been able to automate data collection from the surveys, surfacing hidden data and deepening insights. 

    Read the full story about how Attunix helped this global staffing firm modernize its datacenter in the hybrid cloud and use that solution to gain new insights from its employee survey application.