Factors Shaping the Future of Enterprise IoT

  • May 11, 2018

    Factors Shaping the Future of Enterprise IoT

    A recent ZDNet article highlights the two major elements that will shape the future of IoT in enterprise: 5G and machine learning.

    At Attunix, we find IoT fascinating because of the connections these devices create. With IoT, the possibilities for business intelligence are seemingly infinite. We can monitor our equipment, automate processes and learn more about our customers. In order to continually leverage the power of IoT, the technology must develop in harmony with other key elements.

    Evolution from 4G to 5G

    One of the problems ZDNet finds with the current IoT landscape is bandwidth. As IoT devices scale, they could overwhelm the 3G and 4G LTE networks. 5G will allow for onboarding and scaling of more low-data, low-power devices.

    5G is short for fifth generation wireless systems. It is the next iteration after 4G LTE. Devices on 5G can process up to 20 gigabits per second. Business Insider predicts 5G will allow for many businesses to reduce their number of cables dramatically. This could vastly improve the efficacy of enterprise IoT.

    Exactly how fast is 5G? A Samsung 5G router can download a 50GB game in under two minutes or a 100 GB movie in under 4 minutes. While these connectivity advancements will certainly enhance our personal entertainment, imagine what 5G can do for your business.

    Machine Learning

    Machine learning can enhance enterprise in a multitude of ways. In the context of IoT, machine learning can help us make sense of our data. IoT devices gather and create infinite amounts of data. The data coming in from sensors can be largely unstructured. Machine learning can help sort, analyze and create actionable insights from IoT data.

    How your company uses that data will determine the IOR on your IoT investments. Companies that leverage IoT data effectively will gain substantial competitive advantages in their markets. Developing IoT devices in tandem with 5G connectivity and machine learning will only make them more powerful and insightful.