Factors Driving App Modernization in 2018

  • February 9, 2018

    Factors Driving App Modernization in 2018

    App modernization can be one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to elevate your business. The process makes enhancements to your existing applications through re-platforming, simplification or feature extension. At Attunix, we help our clients hone in on their most strategic opportunities through app modernization.

    The primary business drivers behind app modernization include improving customer reach and developing new business channels, reducing time to market and total cost ownership and enabling innovation. New business, lower operating costs and advancement through innovation.

    A recent App Developer Magazine article depicts why enterprises will modernize their apps this year. A recent survey reports that over 75% of companies made the commitment to modernize apps this year. Why is that? Surprisingly, the main driver is not customer experience, but rather employee experience with enterprise applications.

    Creating Better Employee Work Experiences

    Companies spend billions of dollars collectively to upgrade enterprise applications for internal use. However, many employees still avoid them due to complex workflows or interfaces. And the mentality hasn’t really changed. One of the key elements of app modernization promotes simplicity versus overcomplicating processes. This is where app modernization may truly help enhance the employee experience and boost productivity.

    App Modernization for Security

    A lot of enterprise applications are so deeply engrained in business processes that many of them cannot be replaced by cloud application for security or compliance purposes. This is especially true for large global companies where compliance is a key focus. App modernization can be a solution for making the adjustments necessary while keeping the application on premises. IT stakeholders want to make sure their on premises applications or cloud based applications keep proprietary data behind the firewall.

    The survey reveals three major trends that present advantages for app modernization: the current need to maintain many proprietary applications on premises, the demand to further develop intranet sites and delivering the best user experience for employees and customers.