Consumer App Experience in Enterprise

  • November 30, 2017

    Consumer App Experience in Enterprise

    When was the last time you downloaded a wildly popular app? Social and consumer apps experienced exponential growth and popularity from the advent of the iPhone until recently. The iPhone followed by competing smartphones created an arms race for entrepreneurs to develop the next best app and get rich quick. On the consumer side, this has slowed down significantly.

    The majority of popular apps aim to improve the lives of consumers. However, the consumer app market is saturated and the future of apps lies in enterprise.

    Apps Improving our Work Lives

    Innovation made for the consumer app market is poised to improve our lives at work. ITProPortal predicts that app transformations will overhaul workflows first. The culture of business traditionally compartmentalized commerce and consumer realms separately. However, millennials, who make up more than half the workforce, expect the same user experiences at work as they do in their personal lives.

    ITProPortal outlines three ways in which enterprise apps will adopt existing technologies to improve our work lives and the user experiences in our workflows. These include contextual location notifications, chatbots and intelligent apps.

    Typically, when a sales person goes out on a call, they pull up a CRM to find an address and enter it into their GPS or Google Maps app. CRM mobile applications that contain navigation and location notification technology will seamlessly guide sales people to their next appointment without having to switch between applications.

    Quick Information to Boost Productivity

    Consumers have also become accustomed to advanced chatbots through virtual assistants such as the Amazon Echo or Apple’s Siri. Quick access to simple information via enterprise apps will not only improve user experience, but productivity as well. For example, while working on a meeting agenda for a global conference call, one may ask, “What’s the local time in Bangalore at 4PM PST?” instead of stopping to open Google, they may instead ask a chatbot within the system which they’re already using.

    Overall, workers need their enterprise systems and apps to work better and smarter. With an increasing number of workers going remote, they don’t need more applications, just better ones. Combining some of the conveniences and sleek designs of consumer apps into enterprise workflows will drive operational efficiency and worker productivity.