Breaking Down Business Silos with Cloud Computing

  • February 26, 2018

    Breaking Down Business Silos with Cloud Computing

    Moving business operations to the cloud presents a lot of advantages where legacy systems often fall short. Simply put, cloud computing involves moving applications to the internet versus proprietary servers. Cloud computing can help cut costs, increase efficiencies and improve agility with faster programming and deployment. It also allows opens businesses up to hundreds of cloud computing applications that can be sourced, customized and implemented often at a lower cost than developing them in-house.

    When moving to the cloud, one of the keys to success is breaking down business silos. Business silos occur when employees work solely in one team or business unit and are more inclined to place efforts towards their niche versus the company as a whole.

    Cloud migration is increasingly important for IT strategies. However, the sense of urgency coupled with the swiftness of implementation can create the unintended consequences of putting business functions into silos. Business units within larger corporations find it relatively easy to launch experimental cloud applications to support a business function. If the organization relies too heavily on the application, then it becomes even more difficult to integrate operations across the company.

    Seeing the Big IT Picture

    At Attunix, we always look at the big picture. When it comes to moving business operations to the cloud, we want to ensure you gain the most out of your investment. Part of this is preventing silos and breaking down silos. In a perfect world, your cloud implementation would start from scratch. That’s hardly ever the case. The first step is to look at all cloud computing functions and to determine how they are currently used. Identifying all cloud computing apps and determining their function can be difficult in and of itself. That’s why we designate visibility as the first step in cloud migration. In a sea of IT information, how do you uncover what you need to know? Attunix can not only help with the discovery process, but also provide dashboards to forecast cost, to stay ahead of runway spend and determine the issues to triage first. In order to break down silos, it’s important to maintain a holistic view of the IT and cloud environment.

    DevOps Creates Cloud Collaboration

    Another key to breaking down business silos in the cloud is maintaining a strong DevOps program. DevOps is an interdisciplinary business function that seeks higher frequencies of automation, collaboration and delivery. Continuous collaboration across teams, departments and stakeholders will naturally break down silos and allow for more effective application development.