Benefits of DevTest in the Cloud

  • April 12, 2016

    Benefits of DevTest in the Cloud

    Attunix recently had the great opportunity to be a part of the Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) and speak to the benefits of DevTest Labs in the Cloud. We were lucky enough to have our own Vishnu Arunachalam participate as an Azure Specialist. As the Azure Practice Principal for Attunix, Vishnu has been integral in our partnership with Microsoft, designing and implementing Cloud Solutions within various enterprises for the past decade.

    In this MVA, Vishnu sat down with Microsoft Product Marketing Manager, Rodrigo De Carvalho, to discuss how enterprises can take advantage of DevTest Environments in Microsoft Azure to increase their agility, improve quality, and reduce costs.

    Recently, DevTest labs has been added to Azure, which presents a great opportunity for DevTest Managers to address some of the common challenges teams face when provisioning DevTest environments, including governance of resources, repeatable templates, and testing in realistic scale scenarios.

    Check out the full video here (module 3)! A quick summary below:

    DevTest Labs – Quick, Quality, Consistent

    A DevTest Manager has access to various setting to help control the functionality of the lab:

    • Cost Totals
    • Allowed VM Sizes
    • Maximum VMs per user
    • Total VMs Allowed
    • Auto Shutdown
    • Auto Start

    A common scenario found in enterprises today is the Hybrid environment leveraging on-premise resources while taking advantage of the agility of DevTest in the Cloud:

    1. Leverage existing skillsets to move DevTest to cloud
    2. DevTest VMs in the cloud
    3. Connectivity with on-premises data and applications
    4. Common Identity
    5. Common dev tools and frameworks for on-premise & cloud
    6. Accessed by a geographically dispersed team.

    View this and much more in the full series with Vishnu in the Microsoft Virtual Academy.

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