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    August 1, 2018

    Avanti Innovates in Retail with Customer-Friendly, PCI-Compliant Tech

    Project Overview

    • Client: Avanti Markets

    • Products and Services: Application Modernization

    • Technologies: Microsoft Azure | Microsoft .Net | SQL Server

    • Industry: Retail

    • Organization Size: Small

    • Headquarters: United States, Washington

    For companies looking to provide healthy food choices and a great employee experience, technology often provides cost-effective possibilities. Take for example, Avanti Markets. The company operates retail “micro markets” on-site for companies, fully automated and unattended, with self-service payment systems. These markets allow companies to provide healthy meal and snack options for their employees at lower cost than most food options.

    The Avanti team was looking to innovate quickly to capture the business opportunity they saw in the market and selected Attunix as its partner in developing the solution. The business opportunity was a result of the fact that traditional vending had reached a point of declining margins and stagnant innovation. Food options were increasingly limited, often as a result of the placement and sale capabilities in market. Avanti Markets aimed to change the way people purchase food and other convenience items within the workplace.

    Safe, Secure, Compliant Sales

    The team set out to develop a business model that would radically change the vending industry: self-service food marketplaces. By placing fresh-food marketplaces into businesses around the world, Avanti could offer more choices and better margins in an otherwise declining vending industry.

    Attunix developed an Azure-based solution for Avanti’s many thousands of on-premises kiosk machines, along with a cloud-based ERP system. Attunix first needed to ensure the solution was PCI compliant. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) details requirements for every merchant who processes credit and debit card payments, with the goal of reducing risk of hacking, data theft and identity theft. The steps help protect both the merchants and those who purchase from them.

    PCI compliance is mandatory for every e-commerce merchant that accepts credit or debit card payments, and Attunix kept that top of mind from the start. After earning PCI Level 1 compliance, Attunix developed a strategic plan to increase platform scalability while igniting Avanti’s business growth opportunities. Attunix re-engineered Avanti’s point-of-sale system and re-platformed the entire retail and operational system including inventory management, loyalty program, mobile workforce management, transaction processing, and data warehouse solution.

    “With Avanti as merchant of record, Attunix did a lot of hard work towards PCI compliance within our technology,” said John Reilly, president of Avanti Markets. “The Attunix team architected the infrastructure, firewalls, and cordoned off personally identifiable information They put in place the documents, processes, and procedures that we needed for full PCI compliance.”

    A key part of the project was developing valuable reporting to optimize operations. Like most retail companies, Avanti’s razor-thin margins require tight operations and management. In an administrative interface within the solution, an operator can run reports on things like cashflow and profitability for increased visibility and better decision-making. The Attunix solution will be the source of truth for operations, to streamline and keep a consistent experience.

    “We have a very open and transparent relationship with Attunix,” said Reilly. “The executive teams know exactly what we want to do, and we’ll continue to get stronger together.”

    Broadening Horizon for Avanti Markets

    Launched in the United States in 2009, Avanti is in the process of expanding to Canada and Japan. Attunix is developing the solution, partnering and managing the localization project to ensure a great experience for consumers.

    The team is now exploring the use of cognitive services, chat bots, prediction algorithms, and the like. By employing machine learning and helping operators think of restock options and adjust for seasonality, Attunix and Avanti can further optimize the experience and value of the solution.

    Says Reilly: “I’ve got a comfort level that Attunix is invested in Avanti’s success. They’re good collaborators and good, innovative partners.”


    • Aided expansion of point-of-sale locations
    • Improved margins for business operators
    • Provided support for 300,000 transactions per week
    • Defined performance matrix for management and control of conducted activities

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