Attunix Merges with Redapt, Inc.

  • March 13, 2018

    Attunix Merges with Redapt, Inc.

    Partnership to Strengthen Public Cloud Innovation Worldwide

    Attunix Corporation, a leading innovator of cloud-based business solutions, announced today its merger with Redmond-based Redapt, Inc. The merger unites datacenter integration services with cutting-edge cloud solutions like AI, machine learning, and modern applications to capitalize on the $380 billion public cloud market.

    Redapt, a global systems integrator, sought a partnership to accelerate its hybrid and cloud computing capabilities.

    “Redapt has a history of adapting to continuous changes in technology,” said Redapt Chief Executive Officer, Rick Cantu. “Our 2018 strategy included aggressively increasing the capacity of our cloud adoption practice. As we looked for cloud innovation expertise, Attunix kept coming up. There was no doubt it was the right fit to take our services to the next level.”

    Through this partnership, Attunix will be the professional services division for Redapt. The merger will expand the Attunix brand internationally enable it to provide multi-cloud, platform agnostic solutions to clients.

    “The synergy between the two companies was unmistakeable,” said Attunix Chief Executive Officer, Matt O’Donnell. “We quickly realized an alignment of core values including customer focus, investment in people, and a culture of excellence. Combine this with a well-rounded set of services and solutions from iron to cloud and you get the right strategies for every client, whatever their needs.”

    Together, the two companies will provide end-to-end digital transformation for clients across segments and industries.

    “We’re excited about the increased potential this merger creates,” said O’Donnell. “We’re uniquely positioned to build and deploy the most advanced and differentiated solutions for today’s most innovative organizations.”


    About Attunix

    Attunix is your trusted cloud advisor—a leader in keeping organizations profitable and competitive in the new cloud era. As you look to the cloud, Attunix can help you build a strategy that aligns to your business goals. Attunix brings you the latest expertise in machine learning, big data, IoT, modern applications, and managed services to accelerate your digital transformation and differentiate your business. Explore what’s possible.


    About Redapt

    Redapt provides IT consulting, engineering, and datacenter solutions focused on accelerating the utilization of emerging technologies. Founded in 1996, our clients include cloud service providers, tech industry unicorns, and many Fortune 100 companies. We are unique in solving our customers toughest technical challenges with expertise in datacenter infrastructure, cloud adoption, and skills transformation.