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Cloud Foundations Assessment


Organizations often unknowingly overprovision their environments and, in doing so, allocate more funds than necessary toward infrastructure. And the biggest downside to overprovisioned hardware is the inability to innovate faster than competitors. When applications and workloads are expertly “right-sized” in the cloud, resources can be reallocated to other areas of business and competitive advantage is optimized.

Whether you’re looking to lift and shift your entire environment to the cloud or develop a hybrid cloud solution, the Attunix team can help you precisely analyze your actual resource consumption (ARC), map application and workload dependencies, and determine an optimal migration plan.

Key Benefits of Working with Attunix


Get comprehensive expert support

We pair precise discovery with accurate analysis. The Attunix team has experience across industries in assessing, designing, and implementing IaaS solutions that align with and support business objectives.


Enhance your business

Our team will scope your complete landscape to ensure you’re only paying for what you need, enabling your organization to be at its best in a cost efficient, flexible, and scalable way.


Achieve an innovative edge

We’ll work with you to assess your vision, helping you develop and plan a contemporary, cloud-based environment that adds value to your business and gives you a competitive edge.

Attunix’s Cloud Foundations Assessment gives you an intelligent and comprehensive analysis of your existing infrastructure.

Together we’ll identify the applications and workloads that are ideal candidates for running in the cloud, providing you with recommendations for right-sized cloud instances.

Capture and analyze your actual resource consumption

Our team of experts will analyze the ARC of your environment, equipping you with a robust blueprint of your on-prem environment—including dependencies, resource allocations, and performance history.

Map of your server dependencies

Migrating to the cloud doesn’t have to be difficult but taking the first step to migrate applications and workloads can be a struggle for many organizations. We’ll efficiently map your dependencies, providing you with cloud-based recommendations for applications and workloads, datacenter modernization, geographical consolidation, disaster recovery, and memory and storage.

Gain clear insight into an optimized environment

Our team will help you plan your ideal cloud-based infrastructure and provide you with a detailed cost-savings analysis of migrating your environment to the cloud.

Realize benefits beyond the assessment

Our highly-skilled team has been helping organizations optimize their environments in the cloud for over 10 years. From scoping your existing landscape to securely landing your applications and workloads in the cloud, Attunix delivers solutions fit for your organization and its continued growth.


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