DevOps is more than just a development methodology—it’s an organizational structure that aligns culture, leadership, and tech talent to reach new levels of efficiency. Whether you’re new to DevOps or skilled in the art, Attunix consultants and engineers can help you significantly increase your capabilities.

  • Increase application resilience and stability
  • Develop cloud-native applications
  • Accelerate code development cycles
  • Align developers, platform operations, and leadership

High-performing DevOps organizations are:

  • More Agile


    more frequent code deployments*

  • More Successful


    more likely to exceed organizational goals*

  • More Stable


    fewer deploy failures*

  • More Reliable


    faster recovery*


DevOps Strategy

If you’ve dabbled in DevOps, you know the transition represents a big change. Redapt’s DevOps strategy consulting accelerates your transformation with best practices and a plan tailored to your company. Redapt will help you visualize your IT organization structure, identify skillset gaps, select tools, and map your end-to-end processes—giving you clear goals and a roadmap to achieve them.

CI/CD Integration & Automation

High performing organizations deploy code several times a day with highly automated, continuous development and integration processes. Your organization can dramatically increase efficiency in application development and deployment processes in this same way. Redapt gives you the tools, workflows, and automation to improve your processes and increase release reliability. The result is a tightly integrated CI/CD workflow that works the way your team does.


DevOps Configuration Management

Improving your application reliability and resilience is about reducing the possibility of human error. Redapt can help you do this through server automation and platform and application configurations. If you need consistent and rapidly deployable resources for your development teams, Redapt also offers DevOps configuration management services on a wide range of common automation platforms.

DevOps Assessment (DORA Partner)

Every organization has opportunities for improvement. Through a partnership with the DevOps Research Institute, Redapt offers a scientific approach to resolving your biggest organizational challenges.

Our DevOps survey identifies your organization’s strengths and opportunities for improvement. The outcome is an assessment of your capabilities in comparison to top industry performers, as well as actionable insights toward meaningful improvements.


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