Business is changing, and so is the technology that drives it. Attunix is at the forefront of the digital revolution, helping organizations like yours transform through solutions that facilitate your vision, enable innovation, and modernize the way you do business. Our innovative approach draws from expertise in a variety of digital disciplines to give you the greatest opportunity for business growth and transformation: Machine Learning; Big Data; IoT; Modern Applications; and Managed Services.


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Transform and differentiateTransform and Differentiate

Attunix’s expertise will transform and differentiate your organization to better compete in your marketplace. Then, as your organization evolves, we can help you uncover new ways to improve your business. Attunix takes a holistic, business-first approach that drives real results.

Cloud expertiseProven Cloud Expertise

Our award-winning relationship with Microsoft allows us to leverage the latest cloud technology advancements, as well as insights into what’s coming next. Attunix aligns business and IT perspectives to help you explore what’s possible.

Advanced Analytics

Intelligent data is today’s greatest competitive advantage. Attunix business intelligence solutions enable your company to easily collect, analyze, and learn from data to make the smartest possible decisions. We generate descriptive, diagnostic, and predictive data and turn it into actionable insights that become the baseline of your success. It’s a distinct advantage in planning and work, and significant leap over competition.

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Application Modernization

Modernizing your business-critical application is key to your company’s digital transformation. It’s a way to disrupt your industry and engage with people in meaningful ways. Attunix aligns your application to your most strategic business opportunity by modernizing how you interact with employees and customers through your application.

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If you’ve dabbled in DevOps, you know the transition represents a big change. Our DevOps strategy consulting accelerates your transformation with best practices and a plan tailored to your company. Attunix will help you visualize your IT organization structure, identify skillset gaps, select tools, and map your end-to-end processes—giving you clear goals and a roadmap to achieve them.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is about connections, and with Attunix IoT solutions the possibilities are endless. Attunix will work with you to design custom solutions that allow you to deliver smarter products and services. We can integrate, modify, or develop devices and applications that bridge the physical and digital areas of your business. It’s a fusion of technologies, delivered at scale, that creates real business outcomes.

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Managed Services

Digital transformation can be complex. Controlling consumption, re-architecting your business, transforming IT processes—all require significant cloud expertise. Attunix Managed Services partner with you to ensure your cloud investment satisfies your vision, goals and challenges, giving you a cloud roadmap that harnesses the potential of your IT.

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Modern Datacenter

It’s time to rethink your datacenter strategy. A modern datacenter is one that transforms as your needs change; that leverages the scalability and flexibility of the cloud. Attunix Modern Datacenter gives your organization the greatest opportunities to advance capabilities for continued innovation and growth. It empowers uptime, data security, and disaster recovery while increasing bottom-line savings and scalability.

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