The Undeniable Value of Cloud Experts

  • August 18, 2017

    The Undeniable Value of Cloud Experts

    You might have heard the comparison of cloud computing to the electric grid of the 1920s. It’s a simplistic model, but one that draws significant parallels to today’s cloud managed services.

    Our version goes something like this. Consider yourself a hat shop owner in the 1920s. At that time, you needed an electric generator to keep your shop lit. There was no power company. You bought an electric generator, cursed at it when it broke, and hired an expert to fix and maintain it—because what did you know about electric generators? You made hats. Really impressive hats.

    Then along came the electric grid. The power companies built power plants, put lines in place, and manufactured electricity at scale. You had a subscription service to pull down the electricity and paid monthly based on your use. The power company provided the power, and handled the management and maintenance of the grid. But if you wanted to do something outside the grid, say, install new lighting or use electricity more efficiently to save money, you hired an expert electrician. Because you made hats. Really impressive hats.

    The cloud is the new evolution of the electric grid. The internet is the power lines, datacenters are the generators, and you pay for the service monthly based on your use. Your cloud vendor provides you with the power of the cloud.

    The difference is, cloud providers don’t handle anything outside their proverbial grid. If you want efficiencies in cloud spend, 24/7 remediation, architectural customizations, or anything else, you need cloud experts. There are literally thousands of potential cloud services and ways for you to accelerate your business. But to scale in the cloud, you need cloud experts who also understand your business goals. Because your business depends on IT. Really impressive IT.

    The reality is that cloud is a different game. Yes, you could add more employees with cloud expertise, or budget costly training for existing staff. Or, you could engage with a managed service provider for the cost of half an employee and get all the cloud expertise you need today and as your technology needs change—so you can stay focused on growing your organization doing what you do best.

    But this is only part of the story.
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