Top 4 Takeaways from MS Inspire

  • July 17, 2017

    Top 4 Takeaways from MS Inspire

    As we wind down from a great week at the Microsoft Inspire 2017 partner conference in Washington DC, there are a few key take-aways that have left us excited for the year to come.

    1. 4 Solution Areas & A New Paradigm: Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO: Keynote

    On the first day of MS Inspire, CEO Satya Nadella introduced four key solution areas for Microsoft:

    On top of these four key solution areas, Satya introduced a new paradigm of “intelligent cloud and intelligent edge era,” which is defined by three key characteristics.

    1. Every experience is multi-device and multi-sense
    2. Infusion of AI, which is intrinsic in every application
    3. Influx and management of rich data and storage

    The four key solution areas, combined with the new paradigm, align perfectly with the Attunix approach to customer success. Our key practices—Application Modernization, Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics, Modern Datacenter, and IoT—layered with our managed services, provide the range of services and depth of expertise to move the dial for our customers.

    A core component to Attunix solutions and Microsoft’s new paradigm is integration:  the integration of multiple devices, of smart technology, and of data. Attunix is uniquely positioned to help customers excel in the new era of cloud by incorporating expertise from each of our practices. Attunix working with customers on projects involving big data and democratizing AI. Incorporating AI and big data analytics allows our customers to find new profit centers, optimize supply chain, improve ticketing, and drive down costs.

    Microsoft is building on a new paradigm in the era of cloud…and Attunix is right at the forefront, keeping our customers ahead.


    1. Microsoft Reorganization Designed to Empower Customers

    There has be a lot of talk about the Microsoft restructure. The reorganization is built around allowing the partner network to empower the end customer. Exciting news for partners and customers alike. The new structure allows Attunix to dive deeper into understanding our customers’ business to help them along their digital transformation journey. By investing in industry specialists, Microsoft is enabling Attunix to serve more customers with better, customized solutions.


    1. Diversified Solutions Through ISVs

    By partnering with many ISVs, Microsoft has greatly expanded their solution offerings. We are better and stronger together. Attunix has partnered with many Microsoft ISVs to build the best customized solution or service for our unique customers.

    Over the past year, Attunix built great relationships with many Microsoft ISVs including: Cloud Health, NetApp, BitTitan, Movere/Unified Logic, Barracuda, and Nasuni. We look forward to even greater customer-focused partnership in the year ahead.


    1. Genuine Desire to Do Good

    Through each of the keynote presentations, it was clear that there was a genuine and intended mission around social consciousness. Through discussions around security, new tech, and solutions, there was an over-arching theme of empowering partners and empowering customers to do more, to do good, and to reach new heights.


    Microsoft Inspire 2017 was a tremendous experience and a reminder of the many principles that align Attunix with Microsoft. And, in doing so, aligning our customers with their greatest potential.