Today’s Top Fintech Trends

  • April 7, 2018

    Today’s Top Fintech Trends

    Today’s most transformative technologies from AI to IoT are reshaping the world of finance. Startup entrepreneurs and large venerable institutions alike look to create better customer experiences leveraging these technologies in an industry known as fintech.

    A recent Infiniti Research article outlines seven of the most popular trends in the fintech space today. These trends all aim to create transparency in financial markets.

    NFC for Payments

    Near field communication of NFC enable contactless payments. The person paying can hover their card above a reader and make a payment without swiping or inserting the card. This technology also enables smartphone payments. NFC will pave the way for future payment innovation in the form of wearables and other methods. Perhaps the physical credit card will become obsolete?

    Multi-Currency Wallets

    Digital wallets can securely store a person’s payment information eliminating the need for a physical wallet. Recent innovations in the fintech space also allow for digital wallets to carry multiple currencies further eliminating intermediaries for exchange. Multi-currency wallets further highlight the marginalization of traditional intermediaries in the financial space thanks to fintech. These innovations facilitate efficiencies, reduce barriers to entry and further obsolesce international borders in global commerce.

    AI Implementations

    Artificial intelligence applications aim to leverage user data to provide the best service and product offerings for each individual client. Financial services companies and banks can automate the sales process while consumers can make more informed decisions when it comes to saving and investing.


    Bitcoin garnered unprecedented media attention in late 2017 as its price skyrocketed just above $19,000 a coin. Some early adopters became paper millionaires while others scrambled to get in on the action. While cryptocurrencies are still nascent and risky, millions of people globally are investing and choosing to pay with digital cash. Global demand in the cryptocurrency space is driving innovation in everything from hardware wallets to investing services.