Think Ahead With Azure

  • February 23, 2017

    Think Ahead With Azure

    Businesses can’t ask where they want to be in 5 years without considering where they want their tech to be as well. The way we handle our IT solutions has a direct impact on how we handle business, growth, and disaster. How do we build solutions now that will work later? By building solutions that can evolve over time! The need to build forward-thinking solutions with existing hardware is why understanding Azure is key to your next step.

    Last post, we talked about Why Azure?” , discussing why Azure is our cloud solution of choice and the merits of its security, support and cost. This post, we’re getting a little more technical and talking about IaaS and PaaS, the two basic services Azure offers users.

    Before we dive in, here is a quick reminder of just some of the things you can do with Azure:


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    • Virtual Machines
    • Cloud Services
    • Service Fabric
    • Batch
    • Scheduler

    Hybrid Integration:

    • Storage queues
    • BizTalk Servers
    • Hybrid connections


    • Virtual Network
    • Express route
    • Traffic Manager

    Storage and backup:

    • Storage blobs and files
    • Backup
    • Import/Export
    • Site recovery
    • StorSimple


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    • SQL DB
    • Document DEB
    • Redis cache
    • Search, Tables


    Identity & Access:

    • Active Directory Premium
    • Multi-factor authentication


    Web & Mobile:

    • Web apps
    • Apps API
    • Logic apps
    • API management



    • Machine learning
    • HD Insight
    • Stream analytics
    • Data Factory




    Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform. Users can buy service for storage, hosting, or running application on-demand from its global network of datacenters houses servers, storage, and software. It supports the largest number of operating systems, devices, databases languages, and tools. Azure’s primary options are IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service)

    Because we know that your day-to-day is becoming increasingly bogged down by acronyms. Let’s think about it a different way, Pizza.

    If cloud computing were pizza, with an On-Prem Solution, you would need to make it completely from scratch.

    If cloud computing were pizza, IaaS would be Take and Bake.


    Taking it to the next step, if cloud computing were pizza, PaaS would be pizza delivery.

    Making Moves

    Depending on your business, one of the above may be more appealing than the other. Learning about both IaaS and PaaS should help you see how your current solutions can benefit from Azure’s features.

    Even for those of us with infrastructure in place, there are excellent options to leverage our on-site assets, benefit from off-site infrastructure and still be thinking 5 years ahead.

    Learn more about Azure as you think ahead!  You can also contact us with questions or to discuss an azure-readiness assessment!


    Interested in taking a deep dive into the Azure Marketplace with Attunix? Register now for some of our currently listed (more to come!) upcoming events:


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    We understand that every client and workload is unique. Want a more 1:1 approach? Reach out to us now to start your Azure discussion and evaluation or FREE Azure Site Recovery Proof of Concept.