Technology, Meet Business… Play Nicely You Two

  • September 7, 2017

    Information technology in the new cloud era is more about business than technology. It’s a critical change in mindset, and the reason why 57% of CIOs chose “customers” as their top business priority this year, up from 45% only a year ago (Forbes). This need to better serve customers is fueling accelerated cloud adoption in order to scale IT resources (CIO Magazine).

    A focus on business outcomes is a must, with 78% of CIOs understanding that strategic alignment of IT activities with business strategy is critical to their success. As Forrester analyst, Matthew Guarini, says, “If you stay within the realm of what IT looked like five or ten years ago, there’s a risk that your IT organization will be marginalized” (CIO Magazine).

    So, put customers at the center of your focus, digitally transform the customer experience, and harness the speed and agility of the cloud to meet customer demands. Pretty straightforward, right?

    You know it’s not that simple.


    Find out why, and learn practical ways merge IT and business needs in our eBook, Thriving in the Cloud: How to Optimize Your IT Resources. You’ll be glad you did.


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