Swift Resolution Through Managed Services for I.T. Related Issues In Your Company

  • Swift Resolution through managed services for IT related issues in your company
    September 14, 2018

    Swift Resolution Through Managed Services for I.T.-Related Issues In Your Company

    Psychologists tell us that one critical remark has the same weight of influence as ten compliments. That does not just apply to the individuals who receive that criticism, it applies to public opinion expressed in reviews as well. Every one negative review carries the weight of ten positive reviews. This means that customer service – the department that handles the issues brought up in reviews may be your most important company asset.

    Business Continuity

    The overall goal of customer service is in providing business continuity, and it is a big, complicated job. No longer does customer service revolve around making returns or exchanging items. Today, customer service involves operating and maintaining technical services, recovering data, making adjustments to payment plans, repairing equipment, monitoring technology use, and many other complex procedures. The overall goal is the same, though: making sure the business runs smoothly day in and day out.

    You could spend all of your energy and resources keeping your customer service department up-to-date and running efficiently, and you would still encounter problems that would trip your company up. You would also have nothing left to work on improving your product and services, market your business, or work on growing your company. The need is an ever-present void that you cannot fill on your own. Thankfully, you do not have to.

    Experts available for resolution 24/7

    With the help of managed services for IT, you can quickly find customer service resolutions and maintain business continuity. Instead of hiring your own IT staff and paying overtime or trying to cover three shifts each day (not knowing whether they will be needed or not) you can subscribe to managed services for IT and receive customer service 24/7 on behalf of your company. You are able to pay for the hours worked instead of multiple people at full-time wages and benefits.

    These workers are highly trained experts as well. Today, the job market is filled with trained experts in specific fields and companies that do not have enough available work to hire them full-time in their particular areas. Managed services for IT acts as a firm that employs these workers and gives them work opportunities with many companies, so the IT experts do not have to worry about marketing their skills or managing their time between companies. It also provides mediation to make sure the employees get paid fairly and on time. This ensures business continuity for everyone involved.

    Automated Remediation

    Some problems have simple solutions. You have probably read or heard an IT customer service rep tell you to try turning your computer off, pause for a few seconds, and turn it on again. How much do you need to pay for that kind of solution? Then again, you may come across driver issues, compatibility problems, and other time-consuming situations. Managed services for IT have the platforms that can help through all of your IT customer service needs to help you achieve speedy resolutions to any IT challenges. These online systems often provide chat bot services which mimic personal interaction while allowing the system to quickly diagnose the situation at hand and determine whether a short set of instructions is needed or if IT technicians need to be connected in to resolve the issue at hand.

    Incident Preparedness

    With the constantly updating world of technology, you are not going to be able to keep up with all of the updates. That means that you will not be prepared for all the different IT problems you and your customers will encounter. No need to worry, though, because managed services for IT companies make it their business to keep up with all of the manifold challenges you can encounter in the field of information technology.

    Managed services for IT companies keep up to date with all IT issues and have plans in place as soon as problems arise. Their efficient resolutions will ensure you have business continuity without losing valuable time, resources, or more importantly, clients.

    Response Time

    The first factor of customer service as a means of customer retention is response time. Patience is a bygone virtue and often a counterproductive one as well. If you service or supply other businesses, then their own business continuity depends upon your response time. The longer the wait, the more you disrupt their business and cost them money. This is why you lose clients at an exponential rate compared to your response time.


    On the other hand, one of the best ways to get those positive reviews you need is to reach a client facing problems with their service and to restore them to full functionality quickly. You will actually get more positive reviews from people who face problems and have excellent customer service than those who never have issues at all (and do not know what they have to lose in functionality).

    Like those who never appreciate their health until they face serious illness, your best key to good reviews is an efficient customer service IT team. Why settle for what you can attempt to hire or train up on your own when you can receive services from the best the industry has to offer?

    Lessons Learned

    Incidents can be resolved in several ways. Sometimes the various kinds of technology are incompatible with each other or with the desires of the customer. These situations allow you to learn more about the demographics of customers attracted to your services and what kinds of services they want. These lessons may lead to a boost in research and development or a change in marketing strategies.

    Other times, the resolution is a mutual compromise between the customer’s IT desires and what they can afford, or what you have available to them. These are often the customers that stick around and continue to offer poor reviews of your company. These are the people that can sometimes be won over to help look for bugs in the system and report them quickly before business continuity has been disrupted too much. The final kind of resolution is where the problem is solved to the customer’s satisfaction. These are the kind of resolutions you hope to make in customer service.

    What do you do with these lessons? Managed services for IT companies can gather this data on your behalf and merely report the results instead of leaving you to dig through and analyze logs and service records. You can skip incidents that were solved by restarting computers and skip ahead to the incident reports dealing with incompatibilities or desired services that you are not set up to provide… yet. This data can lead you to new clients and growth opportunities within the business networks you already have on hand.

    Security Responses

    The final reason for outsourcing your IT needs to managed services for IT companies is to procure the best security available for your business and the businesses you work with. Security may be the most crucial aspect of IT. Sensitive data cannot leak into the wrong hands without significant business consequences and often legal ones as well. Security problems may be the greatest and most expensive of all IT problems. Are you prepared to handle them for your company?

    Probably not. It takes professional computer security skills to keep up with the latest cybersecurity. This is an area where you do not want to settle for second best because it is not just your own security at risk, but the security of your clients. Not only do you want professional cybersecurity protecting your servers in the background, but you also need to give your clients professional guidance at critical intervals to make sure they do not do anything to jeopardize their own security, or yours.

    Managed services for IT companies can help detect and direct your clients when they are approaching something that may open them to security risk. They can detect break-ins and deal with them quickly, making sure to inform you of the risk and the appropriate actions to take to salvage compromised data and prevent further damage to your company. Do not settle for less than the best when it comes to the security of your company and the information you work with.

    Managed services for IT companies are the resource you need to help you achieve swift resolutions to your customer service IT problems. By quickly resolving these issues, you will prevent critical and negative reviews and responses to your company and stand to generate a stream of positive reviews that will not only provide you excellent business continuity, but it will also open the way to the growth and expansion of your company.

    If you are still on the fence about outsourcing your IT solutions with managed services for IT companies, check Attunix out today for a personal explanation of the full range of services they have available to offer you today. Remember, one negative review carries the substantial weight of ten positive reviews, and they are often more pointed and specific as well. If you want to boost your ratings, check out managed services for IT to meet your customer service needs.