Step by Step: Coming Up With a Plan for Your New App Design

  • September 1, 2017

    Step by Step: Coming Up With a Plan for Your New App Design

    So much of app modernization is about efficiency, but you also want something that’s going to fit your businesses functionality. That’s why it’s important for your business to have a role in helping define what you want from your app design. Great app design comes from a healthy dialogue between the business looking for an improvement with the developers and designers who can make it happen. Keep these core concepts and questions in mind as you work on your new app design.

    Know Who Will Be Using The App

    This may seem like a given. You may want to say, “My business will be using it, of course!” However, your best bet is to get as specific as you can. Who in your business will be using the app? Who is currently interacting with the older version you’re hoping to upgrade? You want to think about the individual’s user experience as much as possible and get their feedback. A developer may be swirling with ideas on functions they think would work well and functionality that suits their needs, but ultimately they won’t be the ones using it day in and day out. Talk with your team members who will be interacting with the app regularly and see what they want most out of it.

    Set Goals for What You Want the App to Do

    Before you dig deep into design, first outline what functionality you most want from the app. What is your end goal? What most irks you about your current app that you’d love to do away with forever? What will mark the app as a success? The more questions you ask, the better. By setting hard goals for what you want the app to do, you’ll have a better chance at an end product that will meet your business’ needs.

    Don’t Settle – Make Sure the App is What You Need

    Don’t hold back, either. It’s better to set high goals for your app and determine what’s realistic for your budget and the capacity of the development and UX team later. If you’re not up front about what you want in your app from the beginning, you’re more likely to end up with something that only does part of what you need. You’re not being pushy. App modernization is all about making improvements to ensure your business runs easier, so ensure that you’re getting those improvements.

    Follow Along with the Designer as They Progress

    You can talk about everything that you want the app to do, but eventually you’re going to need to see what it will look like in practice. It may seem easier and less time consuming to set the app design team on their own and have them check in with you once it’s done, but it could actually make things difficult. Keeping your business in the loop throughout the wireframing and mockup stages means you won’t be caught off guard with what you’re presented as the final product. You’ll also catch things earlier on that you like or don’t like. Having to go back and fix something when the design is in its final stages can be a pain for both parties. Weed issues out earlier by injecting yourself in these crucial early stages.

    Modernizing your apps doesn’t have to be a pain. With these core ideas and a collaborator who can work with your needs, you’ll be able to minimize your business’ pain points and starts getting your projects and tasks done faster. Attunix can help get you there. Reach out to us today and we’ll walk you through our app modernization process and how we can get you the support your needs.