• August 3, 2018


    Project Overview

    • Client: SmartRows

    • Products and Services: Internet of Things (IoT)

    • Technologies: Azure | Debian OS | iOS Wireless Monitor App

    • Industry: Agriculture

    • Organization Size: Small

    • Headquarters: United Sates, Nebraska

    Today’s IoT technology is having a tremendous impact on the Agriculture sector. Technology advancements in smaller more powerful computing, prolific wireless, improved sensors, and integration protocol standardization has brought upon a new era in farming and crop management.

    Recognizing this trend in 2008, Attunix partnered with a Nebraska-based company, Smart Rows, to deliver a precision liquid fertilizer solution that farmers could attach to their existing planters.

    The solution is designed to collect real-time data on the amounts of fertilizer being placed within each planting furrow, marking its GPS location and other environmental data at the point of delivery. Our investments in the Agriculture industry, and prior experience delivering M2M solutions, allowed Attunix to quickly move from concept to market. Today, this system is increasing the farmers’ awareness of exactly what nutrients are being applied to their crops, as well as their effect on yields.


    Precision Farming Meets IoT

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