Redefining Recruitment with Chatbots

  • June 2, 2018

    Redefining Recruitment with Chatbots

    With significant advancements in artificial intelligence, technologists find burgeoning opportunities for chatbot implementation in enterprise. A recent HR Technologist article focuses on how chatbots can mitigate the workload of hiring managers while improving the applicant experience.

    The article cites a Forrester survey that reveals nearly 85% of customer interactions on web platforms will occur with software through bots.

    The recruiting industry sits on the verge of a technological revolution. According to HR Technologist, only 3.3% of the top 1,000 US companies currently leverage digital career advisers.

    Helping Inform Candidates

    If chatbot implementation comes to fruition as expected, candidates will be able to utilize chatbots to ask questions about the company prior to or during the application process. This will allow candidates to decide if the organization is a good fit and come more prepared to the interview. They can also feel more comfortable asking HR related questions related to benefits, company policies and compensation.

    With bots, candidates also can access information and status updates 24/7 which brings peace of mind to the sometimes anxiety-ridden job application process. It also mitigates email volume which saves the candidates and hiring managers both time and resources.

    Optimizing Recruiting Managers

    Companies often receive hundreds if not thousands of applications for certain jobs. Leveraging chatbots to sift through resumes and candidate profiles can help HR expedite the recruiting process, lower recruiting costs and improve the throughput of the hiring pipeline.

    The article quotes Joe Edwards, HR Technologist and Executive Director at Tonic3 on bots helping hiring managers knock out some of the initial interview questions and determinations, “With the proper set-up, the bot can generate lots of useful information that can help HR professionals narrow in on the best candidates…They can also rank candidates by offering simple multiple-choice tests on language skills or custom-defined technical skills. Timestamps provide the time used to answer specific questions (and the whole interview). The information stored in a database, and can be retrieved by applying filters that return short lists of candidates meeting a certain set of conditions.”

    The article does not condone replacing hiring managers and HR with bots. In fact, it emphasizes proceeding with caution and to look at chatbots as an aid to help improve efficiencies and candidate experiences.