Real Estate Brokerage: Success Story

  • August 3, 2018

    Real Estate Brokerage Meets Security Compliance Needs and Gains Deeper Insights into the Market

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    Project Overview

    • Products and Services: Modern Datacenter

    • Technologies: Security | DevOps | High Availability | Disaster Recovery | Networking

    • Industry: Real Estate

    • Organization Size: Small

    • Headquarters: United Sates, Utah

    Real estate agents and brokers spend many of their work hours laboring to find new clients. And in today’s world, technology plays a significant role in a real estate professional’s search. Modern real estate groups are using innovative technologies to assist sellers in better understanding their local markets.  

    One such Salt Lake City real estate brokerage—belonging to nearly 400 MLS listings nationwide—is committed to quickly assisting sellers with home assessments and provides its sellers with valuable trending information and analytics to help with selling decisions.

    Security control requirements

    This brokerage knows that a big part of helping sellers is keeping the brokerage’s technology relevant, which is why they engaged Attunix to outline, advise, and document Azure-based cloud security policies and procedures to meet industry guidelines and best practices for the purposes of launching a secure, robust, and scalable modern business application. 

    Furthermore, the implementation and documentation of the application’s security controls would align with a parent company’s security policies, ensuring compliance needs.

    Optimizing the solution

    To accomplish the brokerage’s business goals, the Attunix team built a multi-cloud solution utilizing Microsoft Azure. Attunix determined that running the application as a container in Azure would allow for better performance of the solution–and, because Azure offers a managed Kubernetes service (AKS), it would allow for simple setup of Kubernetes clusters.  

    To get the solution off the ground, the team engaged in three parallel workstreams: 

    • Infrastructure and networking setup for deployment and scalability 
    • Code optimization analysis for optimizing containerization 
    • DevOps pipelines for dense packaging of resources and consistent functionality


    “Our goal was to implement a robust solution that ensured all compliance needs were being met,” said Attunix’s Chief Technology Officer, Vishnu Arunachalam.  

    From development to deployment, the Attunix team provided technical guidance and solutions for security, DevOps, high availability, disaster recovery, and networking. The solution Attunix developed was built to yield deeper insights into the real estate brokerage’s business and meet their parent company’s compliance needs. Win, win.

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