Journey to the Cloud Spawns Cost Savings and Innovation

  • June 20, 2017

    Journey to the Cloud Spawns Cost Savings and Innovation

    ProStar Geocorp Partners with Attunix for Cloud Managed Services

    ProStar Geocorp, a Colorado-based provider of geospatial intelligence software, faced many of the pressures of today’s technology businesses in the ever-changing cloud era. However, through a progressive partnership with Attunix, ProStar found that the journey to the cloud spawns cost savings, client satisfaction, and innovative new offerings.

    Migrating to the Cloud

    Initially, ProStar managed all its servers and environment on a dedicated hosting solution, but to stay competitive, sought to move to a cloud solution using Microsoft Azure. Following a problematic setup from an initial cloud migration company, they selected Attunix to get their cloud environment on track.

    “We ended up with a lot of performance problems and issues with the setup from the previous vendor,” said David McGee, VP of Operations at ProStar. “At the advice of our strategic consultant, we chose Attunix as the company who could best optimize our environment.”

    During the migration process, Attunix proposed its Azure Managed Service to help ProStar gain greater benefit from its Azure deployment. ProStar was hesitant to commit to a managed service relationship at first.

    “We thought, we’ll see how this migration effort goes before we commit to managed services. Everything was outstanding. It was an easy decision after that.”

    After working with Attunix on a successful cloud migration, they transitioned to utilizing the Attunix Managed Services to monitor and improve the environment.

    “We don’t have the personnel with the specific cloud expertise, so having Attunix provide that managed service was a better option for us.”

    Finding Cloud Cost Savings with Managed Services

    Embracing the cloud is a significant step for companies to stay competitive and run efficiently, but it’s a move that requires ongoing expertise that many companies don’t have. For ProStar, the managed services expertise provided by Attunix helped gain clear return on their cloud investment.

    “We knew the way we were using our environment was not the most effective. Our initial target was to get our environment stabilized and optimized as far as technical and cost performance. Attunix helped us quickly resolve some technical issues and improve our response times.”

    Some of the initial steps brought ProStar immediate cost savings: Setting up automated scripts, turning off unutilized servers, looking at the right data, and downsizing oversized machines. As a result, ProStar is seeing significant continued impact on its operations and customers.

    “Our environment is four times faster than before. We’ve already seen immediate savings of $2,500 per month out of the gate, and we we’re anticipating more. It’s a real performance improvement.”

    Partnering for a Competitive Future

    Now that ProStar has seen first-hand the benefits of their cloud migration and managed services with Attunix, they are exploring a long-term, strategic partnership to yield greater company growth.

    In the next 1-2 years, ProStar plans to take further advantage of their Azure footprint with disaster recovery to get a more resilient system, and by adding projects like machine learning, Power BI, and app development.

    “We have great people but some of the things we want to do are not their forte. We’re looking at innovative projects that our clients are really wanting and that will give us that full business solution offering.”

    Both ProStar and Attunix look forward to working together on innovative new projects that will help ProStar gain greater competitive advantage in the future.

    “We’ve been incredibly pleased working with Attunix. Their response time, professionalism, and technical expertise made the relationship very easy for us. We see the potential for a lot of opportunity ahead.”