Passing Your Parent Company’s Compliance Audit

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    December 13, 2018

    Passing Your Parent Company’s Compliance Audit

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    Compliance is a complex issue for many industries and organizations, and non-compliance can quickly result in major fines, liabilities, and security risks. Checklists for meeting compliance regulations can feel daunting—passwords must be secure, audit trails must be traceable, networks must be trackable and secure, company and customer data must be confidential, and so forth. Moreover, solutions for compliance needs must be affordable and implementable without disturbances to business processes.   

    That said, compliance audits don’t have to be recurring, all-engrossing hassles. When it comes to compliance management, having the right technology in place will significantly mitigate risks. By taking proper care of compliance needs, businesses put themselves in a much more proactive and preventative position.  

    So, when a major Salt Lake City real estate brokerage engaged Attunix to outline, advise, and document cloud security policies and procedures to meet parent company guidelines for launching a robust modern business application, our team of experts understood what was at stake for the brokerage.  

    Securing a modern business application requires profound attention to data and processes, and the Attunix team brought to the company extensive experience helping businesses launch new apps under the toughest compliance requirements.  

    Read the full story about how our team helped this real estate brokerage define a lifecycle for implementing a solution that ensured all compliance needs were met.