Monitoring the Health of Your Data

  • December 6, 2017

    Monitoring the Health of Your Data

    Data is key to improving your business’ performance, but is your data performing well? Before you ever have an issue with your data, you’ll want to check on its health. It’s easy to think that your data will thrive on its own, not needing your attention. However, if you’re not paying attention errors can happen and leave you with a potentially costly mess to clean up. By having tools in place to monitor your data, you can foresee problems before they happen.

    Check Your Data Health Often

    Putting processes into place that ensures your company is constantly reviewing your data is crucial. Ideally you’d have someone on your team dedicated to looking for errors and potential issues. Issues often happen when companies haven’t been looking – often finding out when the damage has been done. Put it on a schedule, have it pulled up on a second monitor. Do whatever you need to make sure that data is constantly being reviewed.

    Look For Changes in the Data

    Irregularities can be your business’ Achilles’ heel. The best thing you can hope for when monitoring your data is that it looks consistent. When something seems askew, it likely means that it is. As soon as you notice a notable change, make sure you’re taking action and investigating right away. Sometimes the changes won’t be detrimental, but you still want to take a look and make sure. Don’t take any chances with your data – more and more we’re seeing it become the lifeblood of businesses.

    Getting Organized

    One of the best ways to keep your data in good shape it to have an organizational system that makes everything clear. Data organization is no simple task. It takes a robust strategy that will need to be implemented on all levels of your company that touch your data. Getting everyone on the same page allows you to create a structure that it’s easy to sift through and helps you better observe what’s happening across your business.

    Your data is important. Don’t let it fall to the wayside. Start implementing these ideas right away to save yourself the trouble later on. Needs some help putting systems in place or creating apps to help you better track your data? Give Attunix a call today.