Mitigate Cloud Computing Risk Through Modern Datacenter Solutions

  • August 6, 2018

    Mitigate Cloud Computing Risk Through Modern Datacenter Solutions

    All computing models whether on-premise or in the cloud carry some risk. Technology isn’t perfect. As cloud computing becomes more ubiquitous, providers are taking increasingly extensive measures to mitigate those risks for their customers. There is a myriad of ways to protect your cloud network from authentication to backup to monitoring dashboards. In this post, we will explore the ways in which to mitigate cloud computing risk by leveraging modern datacenter solutions.

    Security Disadvantages in the Cloud

    CSO Magazine recently published an article outlining the top five security risks in the cloud. Three of the top five risks stem from shared access and data ownership. In other words, major risks of cloud computing inherently tie into the public infrastructure of the cloud. Like all computing models, data housed in the cloud also faces threats from security breaches and cyber attacks.

    In addition to security threats, another major risk associated with cloud computing is downtime. Downtime can inhibit operations internally as well as disrupt customer-facing tools and products. It can also potentially lead to data loss. According to a University of Texas study, only 6% of companies would survive a catastrophic data loss. When vetting potential cloud service providers, it is paramount to understand their disaster recovery protocols as well as their liabilities for downtime.

    Modern Datacenter

    At Attunix we help our clients mitigate some of the risks associated with cloud computing by establishing and running modern datacenters. A modern datacenter is one that transforms as your needs change; that leverages the scalability and flexibility of the cloud. We help our clients accelerate their cloud computing capabilities by focusing on the greatest opportunities at hand.

    Our modern datacenter solutions include but are not limited to migration, business continuity and disaster recovery, hybrid cloud design and implementation and StorSimple management.

    Datacenter Migration

    Opening a modern datacenter involves migrating all or some of your data to the cloud. After assessing our clients’ current environment, we design an entirely new cloud or hybrid solution. At Attunix, we help our clients migrate to Microsoft Azure. If the need is storage, then we also set up StorSimple. StorSimple is an enterprise hybrid cloud storage solution with Microsoft Azure that helps lowers costs by up to 60%. It manages storage tasks between on-premises devices and Azure cloud storage.

    Our migration process minimizes downtime as much as possible in order to keep day-to-day operations running smoothly and normally. Attunix will bring your business through migration to full production, making sure you have the tools you need to succeed in the cloud.

    For many of our clients, the last phase of modern datacenter migration entails an IaaS build. The right cloud infrastructure can provide the flexibility and control your business needs in order to fully reap the benefits of the cloud. Of the three primary cloud computing models, IaaS allows the greatest flexibility to scale. IaaS providers also generally have the most powerful storage options that can accommodate large, complex data centers.

    Monitoring Services

    By coupling managed services with modern datacenters, companies can greatly mitigate risks associated with cloud computing as well as prevent unnecessary spend. Companies that launch IaaS environments typically want greater control over their data and applications and visibility to their systems. At Attunix, we can provide remote monitoring services as well as create smart dashboards to allow you to obtain a snapshot of the cost and usage of your cloud solutions without sifting through cumbersome reports and data points.

    Security and Compliance

    With the rise of nefarious criminal cyber activity, questionable usage of personal data and lack of privacy on the internet, governing entities are cracking down on compliance. These compliance measures are certainly not gratuitous but can prove difficult to follow especially when enacted and codified quickly. Attunix understands the responsibility of handling important, private information especially when subject to compliance measures. We can help you meet requirement standards (PCI, DSS, HIPPA, ISO) by building secure environments that survive even the toughest audit.

    Business Continuity through Disaster Recovery

    Twenty-three percent of businesses have never conducted data recovery tests and about half of businesses only utilize backup as their disaster recovery plan. With cyber attacks becoming increasingly virulent and disasters affecting businesses more and more, companies need more sophisticated business continuity and disaster recovery strategies. By helping build your modern datacenter, we can helpwithoptimizing uptime and preparing for disaster recovery.

    Each Azure datacenter is paired with another datacenter within the same region within the same geography making it a “pair”. For storage purposes, geo-redundant storage is automatically configured three times in each primary and paired region for backup. When Microsoft plans maintenance, only one paired region is updated at a time. In the event of an outage, at least one datacenter in each pair will be prioritized for recovery minimizing downtime. Microsoft recommends configuring business continuity disaster recovery (BCDR) across regional pairs in order to fully benefit from Azure’s availability policies.

    Attunix Client Story: Korn Ferry

    Korn Ferry is a Los Angeles based organizational and people advisory firm with 80 offices worldwide. When the company acquired Hay Group, a global management consulting firm of similar size, the company decided to consolidate data centers in a hybrid cloud model to make the acquisition both cost-effective and seamless from an IT perspective. Working closely with Microsoft, Attunix provided Korn Ferry a clear roadmap to Hybrid Cloud adoption.

    Together, we worked with Korn Ferry to analyze their business needs for consolidation and migration to the modern cloud datacenter. The team then migrated servers from the Wilmington datacenter to Microsoft Azure while including Azure Site Recovery for BCDR. We configured and enabled Azure Backup for the servers after they migrated to Azure including both Azure IAAS and file/folder backups. We also deployed SQL clusters, Network Security Groups and Azure RemoteApp for VDI’s as part of the migration. All of which equipped Korn Ferry with not just the immediate business benefits of the modern datacenter, but also the security and assurance they needed to secure their data and continuity going forward.