Measuring Chatbots

  • May 24, 2018

    Measuring Chatbots

    Chatbots already prove to serve as powerful tools for sales and operations. While chatbots emerged conceptually many years ago, we now reap the true benefits of chatbots with AI.

    Bots are deployed to help improve the customer experience (and generate revenue) but the quality of the experience is not a given. As discussed in a previous article about integrating payments with IoT, we are now entering the age of conversational commerce.

    Most ecommerce brands either already utilize chatbots or plan to use them. They also spark contentious sentiments in regards to replacing human workers. Like any sales tool or person, companies will want to measure the performance of their bots, especially if considering redistributing their workforce.

    Implement UX Analytics

    A recent article published in tnooz points out that the effectiveness of chatbots represents a large gray area for many companies. Not measuring or understanding the quality of the customer experience with chatbots can potentially tarnish or damage a brand’s reputation. A frustrating experience with a chatbot may turn a customer away from interacting with a website. Deploying chatbots requires monitoring from day one of implementation.

    Companies will want to measure the performance of bots when it comes to converting leads and prospects into paying customers. If a chatbot catalyzed a buy, then something about that interaction worked. Companies should also analyze what happens after a customer experiences a bad interaction with the bot. Do they keep browsing the site or leave immediately?

    Set Up your Bot for Success

    AI keeps improving and the cost to set up and maintain chatbots keeps decreasing. It’s no wonder ecommerce brands feel galvanized by the technology. Like any customer-facing tool, it’s important to decide how your brand will measure its performance from the beginning. It will also prove beneficial to train customer service agents on the technology and to empower them on how to answer questions and service customers after they have interacted with your bot.