Leveraging Cortana Analytics in your Business

  • March 7, 2018

    Leveraging Cortana Analytics in your Business

    Information is king. In today’s business climate, intelligence through data is widely accessible, but not everyone knows how to harness it or use it. There’s no room for missing market trends, threats from competitors or misunderstanding your customers. With the power of data, businesses that harness it will excel and those that don’t will flounder.

    Historically, harnessing information and data required capital to collect, manage, model and present it. However, cloud computing drives down the cost of data collection and analytics. At Attunix, we help our clients make their data work for them in an efficient and economical way.

    Microsoft Cortana

    Microsoft Cortana is a virtual assistant created for Windows 10. It helps users find answers to questions, set reminders and complete tasks. Cortana was released in January 2015, and since then evolved to support Android operating systems, Xbox and iOS as well. Voice activated assistants like Cortana aim to help users do more with less.

    Cortana in Enterprise

    A recent article by Computerworld outlines how businesses can utilize Cortana. Using Cortana intelligence, businesses can integrate Outlook and Azure to build a custom analytics platform. Cortana also allows workers to leverage even more out of the tools they already know and utilize on a daily basis.

    Cortana synced with Outlook can help set meetings and reminders. Based on what people say in emails, Cortana AI automatically can set reminders to complete a task. For example, you may send a client an email stating, “I’ll send you the month end reports on Monday.” On Monday, outlook prompts you with a reminder to send the report. It helps us stay organized and on task.

    At Attunix, we help our customers obtain a 360 view of their world leveraging the power of Cortana analytics. Our approach allows our customers to ask the right questions, obtain the right data and derive actionable insights. The Cortana analytics suite helps businesses derive value from their data whether it’s reducing operational costs, predictive maintenance, improving customer experiences or obtaining market intelligence. The difference with Cortana is that it uses AI to become smarter with experience and forecast future outcomes and trends versus looking at data from a purely historical frame of reference.