More With Less: Key Factors in Optimizing Your Apps

  • September 7, 2017

    More With Less: Key Factors in Optimizing Your Apps

    There’s a tendency to want to put in more functionality when designing an app, which can sometimes lead to a bloated tool that becomes too complex to be user friendly. That’s why simpler is better. Consider some of these factors for trimming fat and reducing time with your cloud apps as you focus on app modernization.

    Do One Thing Well First

    Instead of trying to make your app do everything, focus on getting it to do one thing exceptionally. It’s tempting to add other features with the intention that they will increase the expediency of your business, but having too many different features can sometimes mean the core functions suffer from lack of attention and perfection. Define the one thing your app must do to serve its purpose for your internal processes or for your clients. That’s the goal you want to optimize for. You may think of other features that can support that key function, but they’re superfluous in comparison.

    Identify What’s Underused and Overused

    What works well in your current apps and what doesn’t? That’s the question you typically ask at the beginning of your app modernization process, but it’s also a question you should continue to ask yourself as you start to get into the weeds of it all. Maybe there are functions of your cloud apps that are great but lack the support they need to really flourish. Or maybe your apps are being bogged down trying to support functions that don’t really add anything to its core purpose. Optimization isn’t always about starting over – it’s about supporting what your app already does and steering it back into the right direction, with a healthy dose of modern innovation on top of it all.

    Find Redundancies, Redundancies, Redundancies

    Redundancies can show up in apps in many different ways. Whether it’s core functions being repeated in different ways, scattered design that leads multiple ways to the same task, or even in billing methods that lead to numerous costs for your clients that could easily be consolidated. These may all sound like minor inconveniences, but they can really bog down your apps which in turns slows down their processes which then marks a drop off in your own productivity. Finding these redundancies and knocking them out early helps ensure you’re getting the most out of your applications.

    Need help identifying these and other factors that are keeping your apps from being totally optimized? Attunix can help. Our team specializes in taking your cloud apps from dragging you down to building you up. Reach out to us today and we’ll work with you on getting the most out of your business applications.