IoT Improving Customer Experiences

  • May 6, 2018

    IoT Improving Customer Experiences

    At Attunix we’re passionate about building solutions from sensors to insights, AKA IoT. Implementing IoT in alignment with your goals and strategies can make a big impact on your organization. It can help keep tabs on the health of your equipment, automate processes and gather customer intelligence. IoT can also improve your customers’ experiences.

    A recent article in Econsultancy explains how IoT can help brands go above and beyond the typical customer experience. IoT devices can help predict a customer’s needs, assist with product development and capture data for targeted marketing efforts.

    IoT for Order Replenishment

    Warehouse or shelving sensors can signal when a product is running low and predict product stockouts long before the customer calls for a replenishment order. Acting proactively can not only help your customer succeed, but in turn cultivate a better long-standing relationship. Fulfilling orders at a more efficient rate also improves production efficiencies, reduces logistics costs and allows your company to recognize revenue sooner.

    Proactive Customer Service

    Sensors embedded in products can signal problems or defects. If something goes wrong, the product can automatically signal to its manufacturer that there is cause for intervention. Not only does this provide convenience for the customer, it can also improve safety measures. We already see some examples of this in the automotive industry with Tesla. The car manufacturer makes automatic updates to vehicle software without needing to call the cars back to the dealership.

    Personalized Experiences

    Connecting devices can make something ordinary and impersonal to something highly capable and personal. The article highlights the Samsung smart refrigerator. An unconnected refrigerator simply stores your food and keeps it cool. A connected refrigerator provides visibility to the food stocked inside, allows you to make grocery lists and pull up recipes based on your personal inventory.

    Continual Marketing and Loyalty Programs

    Added connections mean more opportunities to advertise. IoT devices allow companies to push promotions and create customer loyalty programs through their IoT devices. Econsultancy exemplifies Walgreens and their partnership with FitBit. Walgreens grants customer loyalty points to customers as they improve their FitBit personal data. IoT devices are creating entirely new avenues for brands to increase their presence in the everyday lives of consume