Video: The Intersection of Business & Technology

  • May 26, 2017

    Video: The Intersection of Business & Technology

    There’s no doubt the cloud has changed how companies approach technology. Yet many companies continue to make technology decisions at the advice of systems integrators who put technology ahead of business goals.

    Technology goals and business goals shouldn’t be mutually exclusive—nor should one necessarily follow the other. Today’s most competitive businesses realize that it’s the intersection between business and technology where they find the most innovated solutions to impact the bottom line.

    Leading this shift, Attunix is changing the way our clients compete by changing the way they think about business and technology. The goal: to look holistically at an organization and find innovative ways that new technologies can achieve positive business outcomes. It’s no longer about matching an existing solution to an existing problem, but rather finding new ways technology can work in conjunction with business goals.

    Take, for example, this scenario: Your company has a chemical product that customers pour in an outdoor setting. You know technology can increase profitability, but you aren’t sure how.

    You talk with a consultant who identifies that one of your business challenges is not knowing how much of the liquid customers are using, or when—therefore, you can’t predict future sales. The consultant creates a solution that includes on-site IoT devices that send real-time data via mobile technology to a cloud system where you can monitor and predict future supply needs. That’s exactly what Attunix did for its client SmartRows.

    Every day, Attunix helps clients find innovative ways to grow their business and compete in the new era of cloud, making companies more efficient, more strategic, and vastly more competitive.

    Watch how Attunix is transforming organizations at the intersection of business and technology with solutions like app modernization, IoT, advanced analytics, modern datacenter, and managed services.