Integration of Chatbots in User Interface

  • October 23, 2017

    Integration of Chatbots in User Interface

    What is the purpose behind enhancing your user interface? They play an integral role in the overall user experience or UX. User interfaces (UI) keep customers engaged, stay on your website longer and ultimately buy from you. Like any first impression, the user interface has merely seconds to entice a potential customer and keep them from exiting your site or app. Outdated design, or opaque navigation can immediately turn a visitor away. What if a user could talk to your website?

    With rapid advancements in artificial intelligence, integrating chatbots into user interfaces will become more ubiquitous. According to a recent Chatbot Magazine article, chatbots will take user interfaces to the next level. User interfaces will become conversational.

    What is Conversational UI?

    Conversational user interface means interaction with a computer in a human manner. As if the user is having a conversation with a website or program. Before, computer output depended on the user’s knowledge of what and how to ask it. This requires users to be somewhat savvy in computer syntax in order to benefit from computers and search engines in general.

    Conversational UI changes this. A user can ask a computer directly what they want in the same way they may ask a friend or colleague a question. This interaction is enabled by chatbots.

    Alexa is the New Normal

    As modern consumers we love our gadgets. Voice assistants such as Amazon’s Echo (“Alexa”) help us with the weather forecast, playing our favorite songs on Spotify and setting alarms. These technologies respond to voice dialogue. As the technologies improve, they will not only understand literal words, but natural language and intention behind words.

    Like the Amazon Echo, chatbots respond similarly to written dialogue. Businesses are integrating these conversational UIs to enhance the overall customer experience. Where we will see these chatbots become more pervasive is in messenger applications. Today, more users around the world communicate on messenger aps than on social media. Chatbots will take these aps one step further from simply communication to becoming personal virtual assistants. This will encourage people already using messenger apps to rely on them further for every day functionality.