Industries with the Highest Chatbot Disruption Potential

  • April 6, 2018

    Industries with the Highest Chatbot Disruption Potential

    People became fascinated by AI decades ago through science fiction films. While our world looks dramatically different from that of the Jetsons, advancements in AI are turning some of these fantasies into reality. One of the popular tropes from the sci-fi genre is the virtual assistant. Virtual assistants can function through voice activation or through chatbots. Many businesses look to capitalize on chatbots and AI to “talk” to their customers.

    A recent article in Born2Invest outlines five industries and functions ripe for disruption by chatbots. These include customer service, airlines, food and beverage, financial services and healthcare.

    In a previous article, we discuss how chatbots enhance customer service and customer experiences. You can read it here. We also discuss chatbots in the financial services industry which you can read about here.


    Like other customer service functions, airlines are deploying chatbots to help with baseline customer inquiries. These include flight tracking, availability and pricing. Alaska Airlines now offers “Ask Jenn” as a quick option for servicing basic needs. Not only does the customer obtain quick answers to their questions but it also reduces Alaska’s overhead and boosts their operational efficiencies.

    Food and Beverage

    According to the article, Domino’s Pizza generates over $5 billion via digital orders. The company was one of the first in its industry to introduce an ordering feature through Facebook messenger. The bot not only helps customers order their pizza, but also tells them what deals are available that day. Chatbots help food companies increase the reach of their omni-channels making it even easier for customers to buy their products.


    Like other forms of customer service, chatbots can help users answer simple questions about their symptoms and overall health. It can also help streamline the initial analysis to connect people with specialists suitable for their specific issue. While a primary care provider will always be the best source for specialist referrals, chatbots in this space can help provide easier access to healthcare for people globally at a lower cost.