Implementing Chatbots for your Business

  • May 2, 2018

    Implementing Chatbots for your Business

    The nascent internet chatbots we think of from the past have taken substantial leaps forward thanks to artificial intelligence. They originally could answer simple questions or carry out basic customer service tasks based on data loaded into them. Now, with AI, chatbots or “bots” can handle a diverse array of tasks from customer service to human resources to logistics. While bots are already ubiquitous in the business and consumer worlds, a recent article featured in Entrepreneur illustrates how many people still don’t understand the capabilities and different types of chatbots.

    Benefits of Bots

    Chatbots are computer programs capable of carrying out conversations either through text or sound. Some of the most popular auditory bots function through IoT devices like Siri or Alexa. Chatbots benefit both workers and everyday consumers by making processes more efficient and delivering information quickly on demand.

    You may decide to implement a chatbot for either customer-facing or internal use. But where do you get one? You can either build the bot yourself through coding or hire an outside source to build it for you. Hiring experts to build your bot is probably more economical than you may think!

    Types of Chatbots

    There are two main types of chatbots: Rule-based chatbots and artificial intelligence powered chatbots. When we think of simplistic chatbots from the past, we think of rule-based chatbots. These bots are scripted. These bots can pull up answers based on a script pre-programmed into them. In order to make rule-based chatbots effective, massive amounts of data and scenarios must be programmed up front. The Entrepreneur article stresses these types of chatbots are losing popularity due to advancements and competition in the AI space.

    Artificial intelligence-powered bots still rely on data but build upon existing knowledge through neural networks. These bots possess the ability to learn as they communicate. At Attunix, we help our customers implement AI powered chatbots with our chatbot-in-a-box that combines AI and Machine Learning to automate first-line communications.

    Implement Bots to Stay Competitive

    The article stresses that companies that want to get ahead of the curve should implement chatbots into their customer-facing interfaces. With chatbots becoming ubiquitous throughout social media applications, they are in turn replacing phone calls and emails as the preferred method of communication. This doesn’t only apply to B2C business models, but also to B2B models. The virtually limitless functionalities for bots also can help improve operational efficiencies internally.


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