Hitting the Mark Across the Board

  • July 12, 2016

    Hitting the Mark Across the Board

    Check it out – In day 2’s keynote address at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference, Executive Vice President of Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise Group, Scott Guthrie spoke to the key areas in which companies will need to evolve and set strategies to be successful in the midst of the current “generational change in computing”. Attunix continues to be right on the cutting edge as each of Guthrie’s key areas aligns directly to our core practices: Modern Datacenter, IoT, Advanced Analytics, and Application Modernization.

    Here is Guthrie’s opening address:

    “Every organization over the next few years is going to need a strategy for how they go from where they are today to take advantage of what the cloud offers. Organizations are going to look to adopt cloud based productivity and business app solutions that enable employees to be even more successful and reinvent business processes. Organizations are going to look to build new applications that enable them to engage better with their customers, optimize the running of their businesses, and take advantage of cloud based infrastructure to achieve even greater agility and cost savings. And organizations are going to take advantage of the new data and intelligence technologies. Things like machine learning, advanced analytics, IoT, cognitive services, to unlock insights about their data and enable intelligent action from it. And all of this is going to need to be done in a way that they can insure that all these solutions can be delivered in a secure way and managed holistically. That’s really the combination of all of these scenarios that enable organizations to become more agile, to lower their costs and really differentiate and transform their businesses.”
    Don’t fall behind, touch base with us now to take advantage of the cloud.

    Source: “Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2016.” Windows Central. 12 July 2016.