Helping Companies with Data Driven Digital Transformations

  • December 7, 2017

    Helping Companies with Data Driven Digital Transformations

    IoT technologies are fun. They’re our Fitbits, our Amazon Echos and our iPhones. These products certainly improve our daily lives in some ways, but we mostly use them as toys. In enterprise, IoT devices can seriously drive value and operational efficiency both internally and for customers. In order to do so, IT, DevOps, operations and sales must all act in alignment. Companies often push new technologies for the sake of wowing executives or customers, but then fail to define the value they bring to the table. In enterprise, value comes down to two things; time and money.

    Hitachi Vantara

    Hitachi understands the problem businesses face when deciphering between hype and value in digital transformations. This year Hitachi launched a new subsidiary, Hitachi Vantara. This new business unit aims to address some of the toughest challenges facing business today when it comes to technology. It aims to gather the vast pools of knowledge and expertise from across the Hitachi organization to help other businesses accomplish their digital transformation goals.

    One of the challenges Hitachi finds when working with clients is accessing data. Data is often stored in silos across companies that can’t be easily accessed. The data is often locked for security purposes but may be obsolete or duplicated.

    Data scientists working on these projects lament that the vast majority of the work is tedious extraction or preparation of data. Only about 20% of the work is actual analysis or data productivity. Further implementation of AI will help data analysts work faster and increase the amount of time spent on value added work.

    As we move into 2018, Hitachi Vantara is placing their bets on IoT. By 2020, Gartner predicts over $440 billion will be spent on IoT. Engraining IoT and AI into digital transformations will be key to prevent data from falling into silos and increasing value through better data intelligence and more time spent doing productive work. Hitachi Vantara plans to hone in on IoT opportunities. Their goal is to help organizations automatically produce, analyze and visualize data that will lead to actionable insights.