The Four Key Elements of Business Modernization

  • June 30, 2018

    The Four Key Elements of Business Modernization

    Mature companies in established marketplaces inevitably spend a lot of time, resources and efforts on maintenance. Maintaining systems, processes and services keeps operating income predictable. Maintenance is necessary!

    In business, we’re constantly challenged with the pressure to grow. In order to grow, we must innovate. We must innovate not just to keep up with competition but to meet customer expectations in a rapidly evolving tech landscape in both B2B and B2C environments.

    At Attunix, we’re passionate about driving business modernization. We approach business modernization with a four-pronged approach; app modernization, internet of things (IoT), advanced analytics and modern datacenters.


    App Modernization

    Application modernization allows companies to create market distinctions. We can create new apps or economize on existing applications to elevate them for today’s standards. Modernization can mean different things. Typically, it involves re-platforming, simplification or feature extension. Our clients control the scope of modernization projects to help meet their goals on time within budget.

    The benefits of app modernization include improving customer reach, reducing time-to-market and enabling innovation!



    In today’s business and tech zeitgeist, IoT takes center stage along with AI and blockchain. Businesses that utilize IoT effectively can vastly improve their insights as well as customer service. The opportunities with IoT can seem endless. We help our clients focus on what opportunities will drive the best returns and execute those projects.


    Advanced Analytics

    Transformation can’t occur without information. How that information is synthesized makes all the difference. Our approach to advanced analytics helps clients know where they’re at and see where they’re going.


    Modern Datacenters

    Modern computing exists in the cloud. We help our clients scale with Microsoft Azure. Modern cloud datacenters allow for scalability, flexibility as well as risk mitigation. Our approach greatly reduces downtime and allows for consistency of service and day-to-day operations.