Fintech in the Property Industry

  • April 7, 2018

    Fintech in the Property Industry

    Innovators in the fintech space aim to improve results for both consumers and businesses. Fintech transcends practically all industries. Australian publication, The Urban Developer, explores how fintech will disrupt, improve and enhance the real estate industry.

    Some of the trends in fintech that stand to benefit the real estate industry the most include data analytics, personal finance tools, investment property calculation tools, raising capital and blockchain.

    Data Analytics

    Enhanced data analytics naturally derives from most transformative technologies. In the world of real estate, better data analytics will help buyers and investors make better decisions. For advisors and agents, data analytics helps understand the client’s true buying position while providing more personal recommendations.

    Predictive Investment Tools

    Those who prove successful in real estate do so through intelligent market navigation. With the help of access to better forecasting tools, buyers won’t need to be real estate wizzes to turn a profit. The Urban Developer article predicts new tools entering the market will provide insight on acquisition costs, potential investment income, funding opportunities and after-tax cash flow.


    Blockchain is a distributed ledger that enables secure transactions without the need for a third party. This could potentially reduce the time properties sit in escrow or even eliminate the need for escrow services in certain situations. Blockchain will also assist with the secure digital storage of records and title information.

    Innovations in fintech will transform the way people buy property. Advancements in the space will lower barriers to entry in real estate investment, increase the speed and transparency of transactions and above all reduce some of the headaches associated with buying and selling property.