Features and Implementation of Azure Managed Services

  • Features and implementation of Azure Managed Services
    September 21, 2018

    Features and Implementation of Azure Managed Services

    Migration to the cloud marks the first major step for embracing digital imperatives. Transitioning to the cloud as well as managing cloud infrastructure takes resources and expertise.

    If you’re new to Microsoft Azure, you may quickly become overwhelmed trying to maximize the technology for your organization’s needs. There’s a lot of horsepower with Azure and infinite avenues to add value. Employing managed services is one of the most assured ways to harness the value of your investment in the cloud. There are multiple ways to approach managed services depending on priorities and budget. In this post, we will break down some of the features as well as the implementation process of Azure managed services.

    At Attunix, we break down managed services into two tiers, silver and gold. Both tiers deliver visibility and insight with us serving as a trusted advisor. The gold tier extends the full suite of features and value adds to reap the highest ROI out of the cloud computing infrastructure.Azure Managed Services Silver vs Gold



    In a sea of data and IT information, how do you uncover what you need to know? Managed services allows for better visibility and monitoring of your cloud infrastructure. With incident monitoring, triage & root cause analysis, Attunix separates the signal from the noise with deep insights into your environment, notifies you of important issues, and identifies root causes.

    Our notification and escalation platform notifies designated people about issues pertinent to them and their job functions. This provides an added layer of visibility through the Attunix state-of-the-art alerting platform.

    One of the primary issues cloud computing users report is excess spend. With cost prediction and alerting, our managed services clients can predict future spend as well as prevent runaway spend.

    Business intelligence stems to every aspect of an organization. Moving to the cloud is complex and requires close monitoring and detailed visibility. With managed services, our clients can accomplish that.


    Visibility illuminates efficiency, issues and potential. However, what use is information if you don’t know how to respond to it? That’s why at Attunix, we provide all of our managed services clients with CIO advisory services and monthly business reviews. It’s in these executive- level collaboration sessions that we can take data and discuss recommendations. This goes beyond providing actionable insights through a dashboard. We provide our expertise and advising to ensure our clients reap the highest ROI from their cloud infrastructure.

    Trusted Advisor

    Ultimately, we aim to foster a symbiotic long-term partnership to help take your business to the next level. Ultimately, does your cloud infrastructure meet your business goals? We look to ensure your cloud investment satisfies your vision, goals and challenges. Cloud managed services should be flexible and integrated. The longer we work with our customers, the more we understand their business and fine-tune our services to suit them.


    Gold tier customers receive all the features and benefits of the Silver plan plus more.

    Peace of Mind

    If IT issues arise, it can ultimately impact customers. They may experience delays in receiving product or information or data integrity issues. With the gold tier, Attunix has your back with certified Azure experts ready 24/7 to fix any problem, while automated remediation ensures swift resolution.

    Cost Control

    Moving to the cloud automatically reduces both direct and indirect costs. However, cost will always remain a factor even in the cloud. With any managed services configuration, clients can see into their IT costs. The gold tier also provides features for cost control. We help better manage costs by mapping costs to business value, rightsizing resources, and enabling cost control. Gold clients also realize cost savings through system administration.


    At Attunix, managed services offering is our foundation. We approach the transition to managed services like any project starting with the big picture. We work with you to develop a cloud roadmap based on your business goals that ensures you get the most out of your Azure investment. We then look to where your most strategic opportunities exist and what features of manged services will deliver the most value to your organization. We provide our clients with a comprehensive, yet easy to understand proposal and service agreement to ensure both parties are set up for success. Ultimately, our goal is to help you succeed in today’s digital economy.