DevOps and CIOs Align for Success in 2018

  • January 12, 2018

    DevOps and CIOs Align for Success in 2018

    Is DevOps C-suite ready? A recent The Enterprisers Project article highlights three areas where DevOps and CIOs much align. In recent years, true DevOps only seemed possible at some of the world’s largest tech firms. In 2018, DevOps is going mainstream.

    A DevOps culture exists under the unification of software development and software operations. Overall, it strongly promotes automation and faster deployment of new software applications that align with business goals. DevOps is relatively nascent and in order for it to fully mature, it must also align with executives in the C-suite.

    Current State of CIO and DevOps Alignment

    It’s not uncommon for executives in the ivory tower to view strategy, objectives and goals differently than workers in the trenches. According to a report by Forrester that the article quotes, over 60% of executives believe their DevOps strategies have been implemented or are in a deployment ready stage for 2018 while the majority of practitioners see it differently.

    One of the major forces driving a wedge between CIOs and DevOps professionals is the growing demand for fast turnaround and deployment. DevOps projects often go-live prior to maturation or full-scale testing. Fast deployment leads to increased continuous testing and continuous integration or what DevOps professionals refer to as CI. To prevent project failure, the C-suite must prioritize and taper goals to DevOps realities.

    Path Forward

    The article outlines three strategies to get CIOs and DevOps on the same page; go back to basics, keep up with the cloud and jump on the IoT bandwagon with caution.

    Going back to basics may seem like a counterintuitive tip. The author reminds CIOs that you cannot rely on legacy systems and move forward with DevOps. In order to develop, organizations must modernize to support quick testing, deployment and implementation.

    To move off your legacy systems your organization needs to move to the cloud model. Moving to the cloud allows for flexibility, increased uptime and overall higher yields. Moving to the cloud also allows for automated testing.

    IoT encompasses another major part of today’s digital transformations. Connectivity of physical devices to the internet can provide enhanced intelligence, visibility and ability to communicate. However, IoT projects can often cater towards superficial goals versus tangible value adds. IoT will continue to be a major focus for DevOps, but CIOs should proceed with caution before investing too many resources into IoT projects that can often result in very little ROI.