Data AMP 2017 Tech And The Cloud that Supports It

  • June 7, 2017

    Data AMP 2017 Tech And The Cloud that Supports It

    Developers can, now more than ever, easily take advantage of big data innovations. Recently, Microsoft used their Data Amp 2017 webinar to unveil their latest game changers in cloud technology that are sure to empower developers.

    The journey to the cloud remains as a hot topic this year. The benefits of undergoing a digital transformation are evident as we see examples of change all around us. Following suite to industry disrupters such as Uber, Attunix recently helped food vendor Avanti Markets improve margins by 1000% by modernizing their entire retail and operational platforms. Microsoft is leading the charge of digital transformation by providing the most complete stack of technology from data platform to machine learning.

    In his keynote address, Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President of Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise Group, discussed the benefits of exploring the cloud and the Microsoft differentiators. By taking advantage of cloud technologies, customers are realizing benefits that includ; increased productivity, innovative scalable business applications, employee enablement, and new efficient business processes. The cloud technologies are opening the floodgate, so to speak, for companies to take advantage of all the data. Customers can harness, transform, and unlock insights about their data in new ways and on new levels. Guthrie recognized common staple goals for customers, made possible by the cloud:

    • Agility
    • Lower costs
    • Differentiation

    Microsoft Azure Cloud is built on the largest network of datacenter regions, with 38 around the world. At 2:45 of Guthrie’s keynote he shows a walkthrough of the enormity of building a Microsoft datacenter region.

    Did you know that a Microsoft datacenter region is built from enough concrete to build a sidewalk from London to Paris?

    Did you know that Microsoft datacenter regions are built to be 100% Carbon Neutral – each datacenter with millions of compute cores and enough network cable to circle the earth twice?

    Front and center at Data Amp 2017 were the releases of new services such as; SQL Server 2017 and Azure Data Migration Service. Building off the existing SQL Server 2016, the new version expands on the ability to operate from anywhere, run simultaneously in multiple geographies, develop with any language, and integrate with advanced analytics and machine learning. To aid with the transition onto the cloud, Microsoft has now made it easier than ever by streamlining the migration with Azure Data Migration Service.

    Microsoft’s message is clear, the opportunity delivered by cloud technologies is endless. Using the newest services, migration to the cloud is even more accessible. If harnessed correctly, the immensity of data being obtained has the capability to unlock insights that can differentiate any company.